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FBG Analyzer Series - 1

WAVECAPTURE FBG ANALYZER SERIES Precise, reliable, and compact spectral analyzer for Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensing Advanced Energy's WaveCapture™ FBG spectral analyzer offers excellent performance in real-world applications. Its innovative, high efficiency optical design provides excellent wavelength accuracy, repeatability, resolution, long-term stability, ultra-low power consumption, small form factor, fast sub-ms response time, no moving parts, and lifetime calibration. This WaveCapture FBG Analyzer is field proven, with thousands of units serving as the heart of FBG sensing systems all over the world. Standard Wavelength Ranges 40 nm Model: 1525 to 1565 80 nm Model: 1510 to 1590 Wavelength Repeatability ±5 pm PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ■ Wide wavelength range ■ Ultra-fast response time (up to 5 kHz) ■ Excellent wavelength repeatability and resolution ■ High reliability with no moving parts ■ Compact, low power, card-mountable design APPLICATIONS ■ Medical (e.g. RF ablation, robotics) ■ Energy (e.g. battery, wind, and tidal) ■ Aerospace ■ Oil and gas ■ Civil structures Wavelength Resolution 1 pm Frequency Response Time (Typ.) Standard: ~ 5 Hz (RS232) Fast: ~ 5 kHz (USB 2.0/Ethernet) Channel Input Power Range ~60 to -20 dBm ©2021 Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

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FBG Analyzer Series - 2

Ending Wavelength 1565 for 40 nm Model 1590 for 80 nm Model Frequency Response and Interface S = RS232 (~5 Hz) F = USB 2.0 (~5 kHz) E = Ethernet (~5 kHz)

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FBG Analyzer Series - 3

WAVECAPTURE FBG ANALYZER SERIES Dimensions in mm Drawing depicts the US 2.0 and RS232 version WAVECAPTURE FBGA OVERVIEW Advanced Energy's WaveCapture Fiber Bragg Grating Analyzer (FBGA) is an integrated spectral engine that serves as the heart of precise, fast, and reliable FBG interrogator systems. The FBG Analyzer employs a proprietary optical design that features high-efficiency dispersive optics, an ultrasensitive detector array, and innovative numerical algorithms to provide high speed, high-resolution spectral measurements in challenging environments. The figure below shows an FBG...

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FBG Analyzer Series - 4

WaveCapture Sense 20/20 The WaveCapture™ Sense 20/20 software is a Windows-based program for interfacing with WaveCapture FBG analyzers and systems via USB, RS232, or Ethernet. The software is designed to run on Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. The software provides the following features: ■ Setup acquisition mode and parameters ■ Acquire spectrum and display into multiple overlays ■ Post-process spectrum data such as peak search, background subtraction, spectrum smooth and baseline correction, save and load spectrum data ■ Record and replay spectrum data in the fast acquisition mode ■...

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