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W-ZND NAIL ANCHOR À Countersunk head (Type SK) Nail galvanized steel À Flat head (Type FK) Nail galvanized steel à Mushroom head (Type PK) Nail galvanized steel Õ Flat head (Type FK) Nail A2 stainless-steel, rustproof Œ Connection thread (Type GEW) Nail galvanized steel œ Countersunk head (Type DS) Nail A2 stainless steel/copper-plated; compl. with Cu tinsmith sealing washer – Countersunk head (Type DS) Nail A2 stainless steel; compl. with A2 tinsmith sealing washer Proof of performance 1. Applications • Can be used in concrete, solid brick, chalky sandstone, aerated concrete, vertically perforated brick, lightweight concrete, perforated sand-lime brick, screed, gypsum planks • Any attachments in woodworking, metalworking, sanitation and electrical applications for light and medium load range • Flat head: Securing brackets, panels, plates, cable ducts and all components for non-recessed installation • Countersunk head: Securing squared timber, laths, thin metal sheets and all components for recessed installation • Connection thread for screwing on pipe clamps, clamps, holders, etc. • Type DS with sealing washer: Securing of roof flashing, metal sheets while simultaneously sealing off anchor hole Setting instructions Surface: Concrete, solid brick Drill hole Clean drill hole Insert anchor through the component into the drill hole Knock in expansion nail until flush 2. Advantages • Fast, low-cost installation • No searching for the matching screw through pre-assembly • For use in through-bolt mounting • Can be released again through drive in screw head • No premature spreading thanks to integrated and defined knock-in lock 3. Properties • Resistant to UV radiation • Plastic dowel made of high-quality polyamide, making it resistant to rotting • Temperature-resistant from – 40 °C to + 150 °C • For countersinking and leaving protruding • Countersunk head design countersinks

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