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ELECTRICAL BRAKE BLEEDER Especially sturdy, high-quality device. For bleeding passenger car brakes and lorry clutches. Easy to use and servicefriendly. Suitable for electro-hydraulic brakes. Art. No. 0714 556 24 P. Qty. 1 Pressure steplessly adjustable from 0.4 to 4 bar. Suitable for vehicles with ABS (specied operating pressures). Works from the original canister up to 12 liters. No time-consuming transferring and no danger of moisture absorption. Suction device: Many expansion tanks must be completely emptied before lling. The suction device extracts the old brake uid from the reservoir tank in seconds. It can also be used to extract excess brake uid following lling. End switch-o when canisters are empty prevents air from being drawn in. No time-consuming bleeding of device is necessary when changing the container. Additional low-pressure test. Simple, fast leak test of the brake system and checking of brake pistons for smooth movement. Mobile unit and operating elements at working height. High-quality epoxy coating. Especially resistant to brake uid. Replacement lter: Art. No. 0714 556 211 Pre-lter for suction device. Technical Data: Dimensions (L x W x H) Working medium Working pressure Power supply Weight Length of electrical cable Length of feed hose Length of suction hose Maximum container size Autom. end switch-o Suitable for ABS Electro-hydraulic brakes Adapter storage compartment: Optimally suited for adapter case. 34 x 29 x 98 cm only brake uids that are free of mineral oil 0.4 4 bar 230 V 12 kg 450 cm 350 cm 200 cm 12 L at 0.2 liters Yes Suitable Scope of delivery: • Cart with adapter storage compartment • Universal cone for sealing canister • Suction device for preliminary draining • Euro adapter Art No. 0714 55 301 (E 20 for many European cars)

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