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SBM SS-X - 1

SBM/SS-X (Rack-Shaker) Extendable rack system suitable for temperature controlled rooms

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SBM SS-X - 2

+ Integrated shaking system with racks The Kuhner Rack-Shaker SBM/SS-X is a space saving shaker and shaking units system designed for environmental rooms, laboratories and laboratories and corridors Each shaking unit has its own direct drive Energy efficient drive generates minimal heat It is an extendable rack system with integrated shaking units made of stainless steel. Size and configuration can be altered at any given time. + Robust rack system + Ideal for temperature controlled rooms, corridors. + + Flexible, integrated system Up to four shaking units (SS-X) can be incorporated into a...

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SBM SS-X - 3

Technical data Interface, standard CAN-Bus Interface, otional USB, Ethernet, digital, analogue Consumption, maximum 240W (4 machines, max. Acceleration) Consumption, maximum 480W (4 machines with high torgue drive) Consumption, typical 50W ( 4 machines) • Shaking motion • Shaking unit SS-X SMX1910 Mains connection Acceleration controlled Active brake adjustable Stop on position adjustable

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SBM SS-X - 4

Options Multiple options for your shaker Pull-out table ᕢ The pull-out table is designed for the ISF1-X and ISF4-X incubator shakers as well as the Rack System. This remarkable device makes loading and unloading trays much easier. Dual table The dual table is an easy and economical way of doubling the shaking capacity. The dual shaking table consists of two levels and each level will accepts an F size tray. However, the shaking speed is limited to a maximum of 200 rpm. Illumination unit for photosynthesis (LED) The Rack-Shaker can be fitted with LED modules for the cultivation of...

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SBM SS-X - 5

To suit your application The universal tray can be fitted with clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, test tube holders, micro- liter plates, sticky mats, or custom made holders to suit your requirements. Rearranging these clamps and holders is quick and simple._ F-tray (800 x 420 mm) with fixed clamps Q The clamps are riveted onto this tray and cannot be removed. It offers maximum security and will often hold a larger number of flasks than a universal tray. These trays are available in a variety of flask clamp sizes from 25 to 6000ml. • Order number Description Number of clamps

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SBM SS-X - 6

6 ᕥ F-tray for microtiter plates F-tray for microtiter plates ᕥ Kuhner has designed trays specifically for microtiter plates. Handles at the front of the tray open and close the special clamping mechanism allowing plates to be loaded and unloaded. Trays of different heights (22, 47 and 77mm) allow the stacking of up to four microtiter plates. The tray is suitable for all types of plates (deep well, low well, 24, 48 and 96 well). Number of microtiter plates F-tray with rubber mat Order number: SM3603 The whole tray is covered with a rubber mat and is particularly suitable for shaking...

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SBM SS-X - 7

SBM/SS-X (Rack-Shaker) | 7 ᕦ F-tray for centrifuge tubes F-tray for separating vessels Kuhner has also designed a special tray for shaking separating vessels. This very flexible tray can take vessels of various sizes. It is also possible to add a second layer and double the capacity. Movable retaining rods allow vessels to be installed easily. F-tray for centrifuge tubes ᕦ Order number: SM3805 The use of centrifuge tubes (e.g. 50ml Falcon tubes and TPP 50ml tubes) in cell culture screening is well established. This F-tray has a capacity of 120 x 50ml centrifuge tubes (5 racks of 24)....

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SBM SS-X - 8

Shakers & Accessories Adolf Kühner AG • since 1949 Dinkelbergstrasse 1 CH – 4127 Birsfelden ( Basel ) Switzerland

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