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Kuhner shaker Orbital shaken bioreactor

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The SB200-X is a shaken bioreactor system for the cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells in a disposable bag. This user friendly system with a working volume from 50 litres up to 200 litres can be easily deployed in production. Performance characteristics + Large capacity (200L working volume) + + + + single use bioreactor system Cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells Fast, simple set up Easy scale-up Online measurement of pH and DO Disposable bag for a fast and simple set up The use of disposable bags eliminates elaborate cleaning and sterilizing procedures and ensures...

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Trouble free scale-up Another advantage of the SB200-X is easy scale-up from microtiter plates all the way up to 200 litres. The reason for this lies in the consistent hydro-dynamics of shaken bioreactors. The SB200-X uses the unique Kuhner direct drive which provides accurate control of the orbital speed. The machine`s mechanical design has a proven history of reliability. Control unit and process safety The SB200-X can be heated or cooled. Temperature ramps are easily programmed and processed. Duplex online measurement of each parameter (dissolved oxygen and pH value) is available...

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Technical data Shaker diameter 50 mm (orbital motion) Weight approx. 350 kg without liquid Active brake adjustable Cooling cooling coils are incorporated for connection to an external cooling system (pressure <0.2bar) • Oxygen Sensor Optical measuring method Accuracy ± 0.05 pH at pH 7 with one point calibration • Mains connection

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• ISIS-Software for monitoring, calibration, controlling Monitoring 02, pH, shaking speed, temperature Calibration pre-calibrated sensors in bag Recalibration one point recalibration is possible Ci.V.P 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (audit trail) Number of mass flow controllers up to 4 Input up to 4 gases, push in connector 6 mm (air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) (also gas mixtures can be connected) Output 1, (tube fitting for tube ID 13 mm) Flow rate 0.0 - 20.0 [sL/min] Accuracy ±1.5% from the end value Pressure sensor integrated, 0-400 mbar, programmable prevents over pressure in the...

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Accessories Disposable bag Order number: SMX710001 The use of disposable bags eliminates elaborate cleaning and sterilising procedures and ensures quick set up times. The bag for the Kuhner shaken bioreactor is less complicated and therefore less expensive than others because no additional mixing device is required (e.g. stirrer, ...). This also reduces the risk of mechanical damage, improving process security. The single-use bag has a working volume from 50 litres up to 200 litres. Various ports are available for feeding, inoculation, harvesting and sampling. The bag also incorporates...

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Options Cooling The SB200-X has a cooling ring embedded in the base plate and cooling is achieved by connecting an external cooling device. An integrated valve, controlled by the ISIS-Software, regulates the set point temperature. IQ-OQ Documentation IQ-OQ (Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification) is an equipment qualification required for GMP procedures. This service is available from Kuhner and can also be carried out at the customer`s premises.

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Shakers & Accessories Adolf Kühner AG • since 1949 Dinkelbergstrasse 1 CH – 4127 Birsfelden ( Basel ) Switzerland

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