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ISF4-X (Climo-Shaker) Incubator shaker with large shaking capacity

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ISF4-X with 4 shaking units + All stainless steel interior + Large shaking capacity + Easy access to contents + Each shaking unit has its own direct drive + Door heating prevents condensation when using humidity The Kuhner ISF4-X incubator shaker offers large shaking capacity with temperature, humidity and CO2 control all available. The shaker cabinet can incorporate four or even five independent shaking units which are height adjustable. The shaking diameter and speed of each unit can be individually selected. Standard diameters are 12.5, 25 and 50 mm. Other shaking diameters are possible....

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• Technical data Humidity control Temperature minimum Temperature maximum Humidity maximum Power consumption Volume (empty) Weight (with cooling) * optimised incubator shaker for cell culture + CO2 control (SMX1034) included as standard + Temperature max.: 60°C + Improved temperature accuracy: ± 0.25°C (37°C) • Mains connection Setting, digital Accuracy, absolute Interface, standard Interface, optional digital, analogue Ambient temperature Tray, size Setting, digital Loading, maximum Accuracy, absolute Setting, digital Accuracy, absolute Water refill Water heater Door heater Active brake...

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4 ᕢ Illumination unit for photosynthesis (LED) Options Multiple options for your shaker Cooling All Kuhner incubator shakers can be fitted with cooling. The refrigeration system is regulated by a fully digital PID control ensuring minimal energy consumption. The cooling is switched on only when required as determined by the chamber temperature and set point. Humidity control Humidity control is an important factor in successful fermentation. Evaporation from microtiter plates, or when cultivating in flasks for long periods (e.g. cell cultures), can be significantly reduced with...

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Pull-out table ᕣ The pull-out table is designed for the ISF1-X and ISF4-X incubator shakers as well as the Rack System. This remarkable device makes loading and unloading trays much easier. Dual table The dual table is an easy and economical way of doubling the shaking capacity. The dual shaking table consists of two levels. Each level will accept an F size tray. However, with the dual table the shaking speed is limited to a maximum of 200 rpm. Black window Available for light sensitive medium or organisms. Any Kuhner incubator shaker can be delivered with blackened windows to prevent...

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To suit your application The universal tray can be fitted with clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, test tube holders, microtiter plates, sticky mats, or custom made holders to suit your requirements. Rearranging these clamps and holders is quick and simple._ F-trays for microtiter plates 0 Kuhner has designed trays specifically for microtiter plates. Handles at the front of the tray open and close the special clamping mechan- ism allowing plates to be loaded and unloaded. Trays of different heights (22, 47 and 77mm) allow the stacking of up to four micro- titer plates. The tray is suitable for...

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ᕧ F-tray with sticky mats F-tray with sticky mats ᕧ Order number: SM3703 A tray fitted with sticky mats is especially useful for flasks shaken at low speeds (up to 200 rpm). The flask is placed directly on the sticky mat without the need for any other support. Flasks of all sizes can be used. Sticky mats are available individually or in sets and can also be supplied already fitted to a tray. Each mat is 20 x 20cm and can be cut to size. The F-size tray accepts 7 mats. F-tray with support bars Order number: SM4130.6 This tray offers an alternative to both clamps and sticky mats and is ideal...

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Shakers & Accessories Adolf Kühner AG • since 1949 Dinkelbergstrasse 1 CH – 4127 Birsfelden ( Basel ) Switzerland

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