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Products for Harsh Environments High Reliability Analog ICs Power Regulation & Management Signal Conditioning Data Acquisition Interface RF & Wireless Wireless Sensor Networks μModule® Solutions

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Special Product Grades Product Grade Quality Level Radiation Hardened Hermetic SnPb Space Missions ITAR Controlled Joint Army Navy Hermetic SnPb Support for Legacy Space Systems Hermetic SnPb Support for Legacy Military Systems Military Plastic Enhanced Testing, Screening and Inspection Plastic Pb Free or SnPb COTS for Harsh Military Applications High Temperature Optional Automotive Screening Flow Plastic Pb Free or SnPb Upgrade from Industrial Flow Extreme Temperature Commercial, MILDICE, RHDICE Linear Technology has supplied high performance analog integrated circuits to the aerospace and...

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Products for Harsh Environments - 3

Military Plastic Products AMPLIFIERS COMPARATORS DC/DC REGULATORS µMODULE REGULATORS DC/DC CONTROLLERS LINEAR REGULATORS POWER MANAGEMENT VOLTAGE REFERENCES INTERFACE Linear Technology’s military plastic (MP) grade products provide a COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solution with guaranteed performance over extended operating temperatures for use in applications subject to very harsh environmental conditions. Grade Maximum Temperature Test Minimum Temperature Test S/S = Sample Size (315/0 = Sample of 315, pass on 0 rejects) (1) Sample size depends on lot size (2) Test temperature defined on...

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Mil-Aero Life Cycle Support Innovation First to market with new breakthroughs that improve end-product performance. Technical Support Local experts, design tools and factory specialists reduce time to market. SPARES & SUPPORT Non-Obsolescence Linear policy to maintain manufacturing, LT1001 is still in production after 30 years. Three Decades of Analog Excellence QUALIFICATION Superior Quality Average outgoing quality of <2ppm and reliability of <0.1 FITS. UPGRADE Product Stability In-house wafer fabrication, assembly and test provides stable technology base. PRODUCTION Dependable Supply Die...

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