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VOL 1 DC/DC µModule Power Products Step-Down Regulators, Buck-Boost Regulators, Battery Chargers & LED Drivers

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 4

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS What is a uModule Power Product? Resembling a surface mount IC, Linear Technology's family of uModule power products includes complete system-in-a-package solutions for DC/DC point of load conversion, LED illumination and battery charging, all in a compact thermally enhanced package. Built to the industry's highest quality standards, this product family dramatically reduces the risk, time and effort to successfully design high performance, high power density solutions. This is accomplished by incorporating the required components and layout within the device,...

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 5

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS DC/DC Converter Comparison Table Component Count Output Power Design Effort 1 Defined as supporting 85% efficiency or greater for this comparisor LTM®8033 Solution: Actual Size Linear Regulator Switching Regulator Switching Controller uModule Power Product Family Step-Down, Buck-Boost, LED Drivers & Battery Chargers

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 6

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Step-Down (Buck) uModule Regulator Family Overview "Without Remote Sense Amplifier,+ With Extra Mounting Pads for Improved Solder Joint Strength, * Output Current In Step-Down (Buck) Mode, Tables Are Sorted By This Column,

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 8

Multi Output DC/DC µModule Regulator Overview DC/DC µMODULE POWER PRODUCTS VOL 1: 0.8V 1.2V 2.5V 4A (Output 2) (Output 3) 12V 24V 28V 48V 72V (Output 1) LTM8008 LTM8008 (Output 2) Ou t p u t Vo l tage (Output 2) (Output 1) Inp u t Vo l t a g e M a x i m u m O u t p u t Current (A) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • (Output 1) LTM4619 0.3A • (Output 2) (Output 1) 0.5A • (Output 1) (Output 2) 5.0V LTM4619 • • (Output 1) • • (Output 2) • • (Output 2) LTM4615 (Output 3) 0.6V 0.8V 1.2V 2.5V 3.3V 5.0V Output 1 2 12V Linear Technology’s μModule power products are complete Output 2 Output 3 Output 4...

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 9

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Buck-Boost uModule Regulator Family Overview Buck-boost uModule regulators are the best choice in applications where the input voltage may be above, below or equal to the desired out- put voltage, such as battery-powered or multiple input applications. For boost (step-up) applications, these uModule regulators provide true short-circuit protection, shutdown and soft start.

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 10

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Synchronizable or Parallelable Buck & Buck-Boost uModule Regulators To help alleviate thermal issues associated with high power currents, most Linear Technology uModule step-down (buck) regulators are designed such that their outputs can be tied together (paralleled) to support a common output voltage. Paralleled power modules may even have different input voltages for increased flexibility in system level power design. Synchronizing the power module's internal oscillator is often desired for easy noise filtering in sensitive applications and/or to create...

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 12

DC/DC µMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Certified Low EMI Buck μModule Regulators To speed the design of noise-sensitive systems, the low EMI family of buck μModule regulators complies with EN55022 Class B as certified by independent laboratory tests. Certification reports are available for download on their respective product pages or at www.linear.com/micromodule Input Voltage Range (V) Output Voltage Range (V) Part Number Output Current (A) Min Max Min Max EMI Certification Package (mm) LTM8020 0.2 4.0 36 1.2 5 EN55022B 6.25 x 6.25 x 2.3 LTM8021 0.5 3.0 36 0.8 5 EN55022B 6.25 x 11.25 x 2.8 LTM8031...

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 13

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Buck uModule Regulators with Output Voltage Tracking & Margining Intended for powering digital ICs and systems where the supply rails must rise and fall in a specific manner, many members of the uModule regulator family support coincident or ratiometric tracking of the supply rails. Furthermore, the availability of a PGood signal enables supply rail sequencing. Output voltage margining is useful to confirm worst case system performance and/or optimize system operating efficiency Part Number Input Voltage Range (V) Output Voltage Range (V) Soft Start ^Without...

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 14

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Buck & Buck-Boost uModule Regulators with High Efficiency at Light Load In applications where the output load is often 15% or less of the maximum rated output current, a light load feature may be desired to increase efficiency. Linear Technology's buck uModule regulators support two different light load modes. Burst Mode® operation or discon- tinuous conduction mode (DCM) operation offers the best efficiency at light load, but output ripple will be slightly higher. Although not as efficient as Burst Mode/DCM operation, pulse-skiping operation delivers lower...

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 15

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Wide Temperature Range Buck & Buck-Boost uModule Regulators Select single output uModule regulators are offered with a wide temperature MP-grade rating for harsh operating environments over the -55°C to +125°C internal operating temperature range. Products with this temperature rating are subjected to extensive electrical tests and visual examination as shown in the test flow. Tables are Sorted by this Column. * Output Current In Step-Down (Buck) Mode MP-Grade Test Flow Flow Chart Process Step Description Inspection/Test Criteria Method & Equipment Sampling...

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DC/DC uModule Power Products - 16

DC/DC IJMODULE POWER PRODUCTS Buck uModule Regulators with Remote Sense To correct for resistive losses associated with printed circuit board traces, Linear Technology offers many buck uModule regulators with differential remote sense amplifiers. This allows the internal control loop to deliver very precise output voltages at the load. + With Extra Mounting Pads for Improved Solder Joint Strength. Tables Are Sorted By This Column. Remote Sense Implementation for Precise Output Voltage Accuracy

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