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PULIFIL DATE Semi-automatic self cleaning filter with date marker Operation Raw water entering PuliFIL DATE flows from the outside toward the inside of the filtering cartridge. PuliFIL DATE is an innovative filter with a patented system of cleaning composed by two different actions: brushing of the filtering cartridge and high Key features PuliFIL DATE head’s is made in brass and the vessel, equipped with the discharge valve, is made in Trogamid® high strength polyamide). The filtering surface is in stainless steel soldered on a stretched wire netting. The particular structure of the filtering cartridge makes it resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure gradients eliminating deformation and crushing of the filtering cartridge. Impurities such as sand, rust flakes, lime deposits and coarse material can damage the water distribution line and household appliances (pipes, valves, mixers, faucets, washing machines, etc.). The installation of a protection filter is the most simple and efficient alternative to avoid such problems. PuliFIL DATE is a semi-automatic self cleaning filter, robust and compact with a brushing system for the filtering cartridge and discharge valve for dirt. The filter is equipped with the new discharge connection with the date marker for the indication of the cleaning date. PuliFIL DATE is designed with a standard filtration rating of 89 micron which retains coarse impurities from water preventing them from damaging the system. speed discharge. This method allows an efficient and thorough cleaning both of the filtering cartridge and the filter bowl. The cleaning is started by rotating clockwise the upper green knob: this movement activates, at each click, the brushing system and the opening of the discharge valve which creates an high speed tangential flow which removes impurities accumulated in the filter bowl.

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The standard filtration rating of PuliFIL DATE is 89 microns; other filtration ratings (30, 50, 150 microns) are available upon request. PuliFIL DATE with ¾", 1” and 1"¼ connections are equipped with a cover carter for the filter head and the drain and a calendar date marker; PuliFIL DATE with 1”½ and 2” connections are equipped with a cover carter for drain, a calendar date marker and two pressure gauges to monitor pressure drop through the filtering cartridge enabling one to easily determine the degree of clogging. Intended use, use conditions PuliFIL DATE has been specifically designed...

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Performances and tecnica datasheet Units Filtration rating Min-max working pressure Min-max water temperature Min-max room temperature Distance from ground (D)

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Installation scheme 1.Water inlet ● 2. Flow meter ● 3. Pressure reducer ● 4. Backflow preventer ● 5. Shut off valve ● 6. Sampling tap ● 7. By-pass valve ● 8. PuliFIL DATE filter ● 9. Cold water outlet ● 10. Drain.

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A PPARECCHLA TURE TRATTAMENTO ACQUA s.icow<?b: wvj,vv..>:qLn bniv 'i-cci ic This Technical Datasheet is based on the experience of Acqua Brevetti s.r.l. and it is applied to the use in compliance with the instruction supplied by the manufacturer; any use different from those described must be authorized in a written form from Acqua Brevetti s.r.l. For a regular maintenance it is advised to enter into a contract with an authorized technical service. Acqua Brevetti s.r.l. reserves the right to any change to its products without any notification. The reproduction of this document or part of...

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