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Suction sandblasting machine


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Suction sandblasting machine - 1

SUCTION SANDBLASTING MACHINE D50• Suction sandblasting machine for small stripping jobs SANDBLASTING SHOTBLASTING The cost saving solution to strip all kinds of surfaces: Wood, concrete, steel, cast iron, wrought iron • Simple: No adjustments • Handy: 10 kg empty • Cost saving: Can be used with a compressor < 300 l/mn (10 CFM) Tank capacity 30 litres Length of suction hose 3 m

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Suction sandblasting machine - 2

Stone - Concrete Cast iron - Wrought iron • Connect the compressed air entry hose to the express coupling • Press on trigger of sandblast gun • For proper functioning it is recommended to use an abrasive with fine grain size (150 - 450 µ) Sandblast gun with Ø 6 mm nozzle Connection to air compressor Abrasive suction hose Length 3 m Tank capacity 30 litres Other materials For bigger jobs, ask for documentation about our PRESSURE SANDBLASTING MACHINES Recommended accessories • Sandblasting gloves • Sandblasting visors Your nearest dealer: philippecambetgraphiste - Doc N° 22 / 08.17- Models...

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