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D115 - 1

SANDBLASTING CABINET D115• Suction sandblasting cabinet SANDBLASTING CABINET D115TECHNICAL INFORMATION Exterior dimensions Width 1240 mm Interior dimensions (working volume) Width 1080 mm Air nozzle out of hardened steel 0 2 or 3 mm Dust remover Air flow Motor Filter surface

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D115 - 2

Description Work screen In 3 pieces, maximum load 150 kg Adjustable, secured on left wall Sandblasting switch Pneumatic foot pedal Loading door Unhingeable single-piece wing-type door with lever closing system assembled on each side of cabinet allowing a passage of width 660 x height 630 Window without blind spot Including 1 tilting frame securing 1 safety glass window, thickness 4 mm, fitted in a sealed rubber profile and 1 inside wear glass, thickness 4 mm, clamped on the frame 1 waterproof metallic bowl with 2 fluorescent 18 W-200 V tubes, dust-free ceiling light protected by wear glass...

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