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Drum Pumps

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Series AXFP: Type S and MAXI Lubrication & Metering Solutions

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B like Best Operating Safety The perfected design, the definite separation between intake system and pump and the automatic protection against air inclusions guarantee utmost operating safety. Series AXFP: The ESSENTIAL of Grease Supply In the first place, all lubricating and metering systems require excellent supply. Only when the lubricant is supplied reliably and with constant pressure, consistent process safety will be guaranteed. For this reason, the new generation of ABNOX drum pumps AXFP convince through utmost quality and cost effectiveness. E like Ergonomics All types of the AXFP...

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U like User-friendly The narrow, robust and compact control unit with its modern design is very user-friendly. The simple wear-resistant process visualisation enables a clear and understandable explanation of the control elements. Due to the three pressure gauges the immediate overview of the process is guaranteed. M like Mobility ABNOX drum pumps are designed for both stationary application and change of location. Owing to their sturdy design, all models are appropriate for easy, safe and cost-saving transport. They can be optionally equipped with swivel castors as an additional...

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Q like Quality Drum pumps are subject to the same quality requirements as all ABNOX products. The first aspect that counts is the benefit to the customer: An excellent price/performance ratio and absolute reliability through utmost quality in design and manufacturing. O like Optimized Servicing The optimized servicing of ABNOX drum pumps is based on their design. All units consist to large extent of standard parts, which are available on short notice and can be disassembled and reassembled with low effort and without specialized knowledge. Mass drum pump MAXI for containers up to 180 kg C...

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ABNOX Grease Supply Systems for the deliverying of moderately to highly viscose lubricants. Your advantages: Very easy to operate Proven high quality technology Absolutely reliable Sustained process reliability Extremely high level of operational safety and cleanliness Low operating costs No unnecessary waste of material Modular and scalable Drum pump type S for small containers up to 5 kg Version Light with one-hand operation for containers up to 50 kg Rational, fast, clean conveying directly from the original drums. You will find all technical data, information, spare parts, accessories...

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Type code Drum pumps type S for small container of 1-5 kg Optional pump add-ons: = connection block / air vent = without Control unit add-ons: 0 0 Follower plate: Item number according to applied container size O Pressure ratio: = Pressure ratio 10:1 Type S = Pressure ratio 25:1 Type S = Pressure ratio 60:1 Type S S10 S25 S60 Drum pumps AXFP - Frame size: □ = Container up to 5 kg Explanations: O We will gladly determine the appropriate follower plate dimensions for you. Please communicate the following three container dimensions: □ 0 inside/bottom, □ 0 inside/top □ container height

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Type code Drum pumps type S and high quantity drum pumps MAXI Drum pumps AXFP – . – . . . – . . . . . – . – . . – . . 46 Optional frame add-ons: SF = with pedestal LR = with swivel castor 00 = without Optional pump add-ons: AB = connection block / air vent DG = onnection block / c air vent and pressure relief 00 = without Control unit add-ons: L = acoustic empty signal G = acoustic refill and empty signal 0 = without Follower plate: Item number according to applied container size Pressure ratio: S10 = Pressure ratio 10:1 Type S S25 = Pressure ratio 25:1 Type S S60 = Pressure ratio 60:1 Type...

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Lubrication Technology Manual, electric and pneumatically activated lubricating and decanting equipment for delivering greases and oils. Grease Supply Compressed air and electrical grease supply systems and pumps for supplying moderately to highly viscous lubricants. Clamping Technology High pressure one-hand and hand lever pumps, high pressure valves, pneumatic and electrical high pressure pumps, clamping systems. Customised Solutions Development according A to customer requirements for metering and greasing systems, from equipment and machines to clamping and releasing of tools and work...

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