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MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torch RAB Plus Every welding job generates fumes and smoke that might be hazardous if inhaled. Based on the wellestablished torch series ”MB” the RAB Plus fume extraction torches offer efficient fume extraction through the torch. Special design solutions guarantee efficient smoke removal directly at its source without affecting the protective gas shield. The Features: Direct extraction at the arc – guarantees a permanent protection of the welder´s respiratory organs Small extraction tube diameter – better accessibility Aluminum extraction tube – considerable saving of weight Handle with extraction control and swivel joint – optimized handling A cable assembly with smaller diameters for all types – lower handling weight, optimum flexibility Problem-free installation in all existing MIG/MAG welding stations

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RAB Plus - 2

MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torch ”RAB Plus“ air- and liquid-cooled RAB Plus with fume extraction RAB Plus without fume extraction MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torch ”RAB Plus“ (air-cooled) Type Rating (A) CO2 Mixed Gases RAB Plus 15 AK 180 150 RAB Plus 24 KD 250 220 RAB Plus 25 AK 230 200 RAB Plus 36 KD 300 270 MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torch ”RAB Plus“ (liquid-cooled) Type Rating (A) CO2 Mixed Gases RAB Plus 240 D 300 270 RAB Plus 501 550 500 RAB Plus 501 D 500 450 Sujects to change without notice. Extraction control Swivel joint PRO.M264.GB • Bi- • Printed in Germany • © Copyright...

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