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Pure Power ... ... applied exactly where it is needed! The liquid cooled W600 series from ABICOR BINZEL makes it possible! Three torch necks – three interfaces – one concept of wear parts. Perfectly equipped for high amperage welding – for every application and every degree of automation. Find out more!

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Perfectly equipped: With a consistent concept of wear parts! Contact tip is positioned directly on the inner tube for a better conductivity Contact tip holder Stainless steel outer tube with rubber coating Optimal balanced. The new W600 series comes – along with attributes of proper gas coverage and high stability – with a new construction of the wear parts. The wear parts have been adapted for the strong performance of the torch necks and are perfectly designed for extreme durability. Among others, an M12 contact tip is used, that is positioned directly Contact tip M6 on the inner tube for...

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Three tough guys! ABIROB® W600 The W600 power packs: Rugged, solid & powerful! The three torch neck types of the W600 series form the new rugged welding torch line for high amperage welding. They all have a unique construction as well as a consistant and durable concept of wear parts. Thanks to their very good crash character – due to the solid and resistant design – a high durability is guaranteed. Even when it comes to extremes.

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Three tough guys: Even for every degree of automation! The entry level solution: Without interface – for every application, with rarely changed torch neck. The allround solution: With tried and tested ABIROB® W interface for a fast manual change of the torch neck and suitable for almost every application. Degree of automation: medium

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The Details: Options & more Options available: ■ Special geometries of torch necks ■ Long torch necks: TCP +100 mm considered as standard ■ Wire brake function for all interfaces ■ Push-Pull drive with WH-PP cable assembly or MF-1 Masterpull ■ Gas nozzle sensor Technical data (EN 60 974-7): Rating: 550 A Mixed gases M21 (EN ISO 14175) 600 A CO2 Duty cycle: 100 % Wire size: 0.8–1.6 mm (ROBO WH W600) 0.8–2.4 mm (ABIROB® W600 and ROBO COMPACT W600) ROBO WH W600 The high end solution: With integrated wire cutting function for an uncomplicated changing of the torch neck – manually as well as...

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