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T E C H N O L O G Y F O R T H E W E L D E R ’ S W O R L D . Fume Extraction System FES-200 Take a deep breath ... During welding potentially harmful pollutants are created. The portable compact high vacuum extraction unit FES-200 captures welding fumes at source, thus protecting both the welder and the environment from harmful particles. Cleaning is performed whilst in-situ, and is efficient, safe and quickly completed saving both time and money. The advantages: ■ Solid compact construction, low in weight – The unit comes complete as standard with an auto start-stop function, “operates” only when welding is being done. This minimises unnecessary noises, reduces energy consumption and increases the service life of the motor by up to 5 times. The unit includes a well-designed and effective selfcleaning function through the application of the integrated manual-rotating nozzle. The compressed air nozzle provides a uniform air-stream that cleans all filter segments. ideally suited for mobile applications ■ Automatic start-stop – minimises nois, reduces energy consumption and increases the service life of the motor by up to 5 times ■ Efficient integrated manual cleaning – increases filter service life ■ Fully equipped with suction hose and adapter – just connect the torch and go

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Fume Extraction System Fume Extraction Technical data: Dimensions (LxWxH) Intake diameter: Pos. Description Details Part-No. 1 Fume Extraction System FES-200 230 V 601.0001.1 Fume Extraction System FES-200 110 V 601.0002.1 Wear parts

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Fume Extraction System Wear parts Pos. Description Details Part-No. 7 Manometer with chrome cover 601.0013.1 9 Hose with sleeves 601.0015.1 With the special Fume-Extraction kit RAS even standard welding torches, such as the MB GRIP series can be easily converted to "fume extraction torches" and used with the FES 200. Its easy. After the suction hose of the RAS kit is connected to the unit, it is fastened to the neck of the welding torch and the funnel section is attached to the torch tip. That's it! Since the funnel is "only" clipped on it can be easily repositioned. The extractor can also...

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MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torches RAB Plus M&W MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torches “RAB Plus“ air and liquid cooled RAB Plus-Fume Extraction Torches are 100% compatible with the high vacuum extractor FES-200. Appropriate connections pieces are available as standard equipment of the FES-200. Technical data: Type RAB Plus 15 AK RAB Plus 24 KD RAB Plus 25 AK RAB Plus 36 KD RAB Plus 240 D RAB Plus 501 D RAB Plus 501 Cooling air air air air liquid* liquid* liquid* CO2 180 A 250 A 230 A 300 A 300 A 500 A 550 A Rating Duty cycle Wire size (%) (mm) Mixed Gases M21 150 A 60 0.6–1.0 220 A 60 0.8–1.2 200 A...

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