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EWR - 1

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE WELDER'S WORLD Weld more efficiently - optimise shielding Optimal use of all resources is essential for an eco- nomical and efficient welding process. However, op- tions for optimisation of shielding gas consumption are often given too little consideration - primarily be- cause of the difficulty of attributing and measuring them, as gases are not visible and tangible in the ABICOR BINZEL offers the electronic shielding gas regulator EWR (Electronic Welding Regulator). This system saves shielding gas at the same time as providing better gas coverage! Reliable, defined Advantages that speak for themselves: ■ Increased process stability ■ Reduced handling costs

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EWR - 2

Electronic Welding Regulator "EWR System Overview & Technical Data "Plug & Play" The installation of the EWR is done within minutes. Save gas - quick and easy! ■ Connection of the EWR between the gas supply and the power source ■ Connection of the measuring shunt on the negative pole cable (or positive pole of the cable assembly) ■ Ensure power supply connection

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EWR - 3

Technical data: 1.1 LED panel for visualisation of the preset 1.2 Buttons for preset of the required gas flow 1.3 LEDs for visualisation of the unit status 1.5 Interface for additional options Welding Monitor* 2.2 Interface for USB memory stick Measurements LxWxH: Electrical connection: Outgoing idle flow: Flow rate: ln-/Outgoing pressure: measuring shunts: Ingoing pressure ** Outgoing pressure (If pressure is below 2 bar the EWR shuts off) Shunt Working range * Pen for touchscreen, USB memory stick, power supply unit and two measuring shunts (300 A & 500 A) are inlcuded in the scope of...

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EWR - 4

Electronic Welding Regulator "EWR Functioning Principle Four methods = save four times! The EWR electronic shielding gas regulator combines four innovative methods of gas regulation. By com- bining all four methods, your gas consumption during the welding process can be regulated and reduced by an average of 40% - ideally even by up to 60%. Alongside the gas saving, there are other positive effects, for example the reduction of spatter formation and safer gas coverage at the start of the welding Avoiding demand peaks on arc start The EWR constantly regulates the gas flow, so no Adjustment...

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EWR - 5

Extremely quick frequency valves Due to frequency valves, which react extremely quickly, there is no loss of gas between opening and Gas flow rate (l/min) Comparison of the gas consumption with and without © No loss of gas in between single starts The 60 Hz pulsing provides better gas coverage with less shielding gas and a more stable arc. Arc / gas jet without using the EWR system Arc / gas jet with using the EWR system

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EWR - 6

Electronic Welding Regulator "EWR Order Options & Accessories Measuring shunt Measuring shunt Complete package EWR BASIC MIG/MAG complete package incl. power supply (230 V), measuring shunt (300 A/3 m) EWR PRO MIG/MAG complete package incl. power supply (230 V), measuring shunt (300 A/3 m) EWR BASIC MIG/MAG complete package incl. power supply (230 V), measuring shunt (500 A/5 m) EWR PRO MIG/MAG complete package incl. power supply (230 V), measuring shunt (500 A/5 m) incl. power supply (230 V), measuring shunt (150 A/3 m) An alternative power supply with key lock is also available with all...

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EWR - 7

Electronic Welding Regulator "EWR Welding Monitor & Accessories Welding Monitor The welding monitor serves to measure the gas flow and current strength. The industrial computer based on Windows® XP works stand-alone, i.e. completely independently of the EWR. It is installed between the gas supply and the power source. The measuring results transmitted by the measuring shunt are displayed in the form of diagrams and can be saved for the purposes of documentation. The data can be easily transferred via the integrated ■ 1 x Welding Monitor incl. touch-stick Complete package Welding Monitor...

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EWR - 8

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE WELDER'S WORLD. Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik GmbH & Co. KG E-Mail:

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