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Welding and Cutting Accessories for all Metalworking Industries.

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■ Anti-spatter Anti-Spatter-Spray and Anti-Spatter-Spray NF 4 ■ Anti-spatter Ceramic Spray 6 ■ Coolant liquids Conductivity tester 11 ■ Coolant liquids BTC & BTC-NF 12 ■ Welding accessories Utilities and tools 14 ■ Welding accessories Adapter pieces, double nipple and quick couplings 17 ■ Welding cable connector system ABIPLUG 20 ■ Gouging torch TEAM BINZEL® G 3000 / G 4000 26 ■ Gouging electrodes TEAM BINZEL® ABIARC 29

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The classical Anti Spatter-Spray ABICOR BINZEL Anti-Spatter-Spray is a special silicon-free formula developed on the basis of environmentally-friendly, solvent-free natural special oils that are not harmful to health, and additives that do not have to be specifically labelled. The Anti-Spatter-Spray has been successfully used in all sectors of the metalworking industry and is in demand daily in very different areas of application. ■ Silicon-free ■ Environmentally friendly raw materials as a basis ■ Solvent-free languages: DE/EN/FR/NL/Sv/dA/FI/IT 1 Anti-Spatter-Spray, 400 ml; 12 pcs.;...

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Nozzle protection paste Dusofix is a spatter protection paste for gas nozzles. Biodegradable, special labeling not required, silicon-free. The metal can enables the hot gas nozzle to be dipped safely into the Dusofix - even directly after the welding process. The spatter adhesion is reduced by the protective film. ■ Silicon-free ■ Special labelling not required ■ Can also be used on hot gas nozzles Pos. DescriptionPart-No. 3 Dusofix, 300 g; 12 pcs.; languages: DE/EN/FR 192.0058 3 Dusofix, 300 g; 12 pcs.; languages: CS/SK/PL/RO/BG 192.D032 3 Dusofix, 300 g; 12 pcs.; languages: RU/HU/LT/LV/ET...

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Premium antispatter-spray for torches ABICOR BINZEL Ceramic Spray is resistant to high temperatures and provides long-term protection from welding spatter adhesions on gas nozzle and contact tips, and on all welding process fixtures. ABICOR BINZEL Ceramic Spray increases system availability and lowers ongoing maintenance costs. It is also perfectly suitable for automated applications with long welding processes. After spraying, a white ceramic protective film is formed that is resistant to high temperatures. Thanks to the extremely short drying time of approx. 5 seconds, the welding process...

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Pos. DescriptionPart-No. 1 Ceramic Spray, 400 ml; 12 pcs.; languages: DE/EN/FR/NL/ES/PT/IT/SV 192.0228.1 1 Ceramic Spray, 400 ml; 12 pcs.; languages: RU/CS/SK/PL/LT/LV/ET/EN 192.0229.1 1 Ceramic Spray, 400 ml; 12 pcs.; languages: EN/FI/SV/NO/DA/TR/ZH/EL 192.0242.1 The Ceramic Coating Cap was developed specially for ABICOR BINZEL Ceramic Spray. The contact tip as well as the tip of the gas nozzle and its interior can be optimally protected in a few seconds from adhering welding spatter with the Ceramic Coating Cap. ■ Cost savings through lower consumption ■ Protects the welder and the...

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Anti-spatter ABIBLUE NF Welding spatter ABIBLUE NF does away with welding spatter adhesi- gets the blues! ons on the workpiece in a particularly effective way and thus saves time and money. It contains a blue colour indicator that shows the welder immediately whether the workpiece is covered with a separating agent - naturally without influencing the welding process. Usable for all relevant welding methods, as well as for laser and plasma cutting. This simplifies handling in larger operations with different welding and cutting processes. Safety for subsequent coating/painting/galvanising...

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Pos. DescriptionPart-No. 1 ABIBLUE NF anti-spatter-emulsion, 5 litre canister; 192.0238.1 languages: DE/EN/FR/IT/RU/UK 2 ABIBLUE NF anti-spatter-emulsion, 10 litre canister; 192.0239.1 languages: DE/EN/FR/IT/RU/UK 3 ABIBLUE NF anti-spatter-emulsion, 20 litre canister; 192.0240.1 languages: DE/EN/FR/IT/RU/UK not ABIBLUE NF anti-spatter-emulsion, 200 litre barrel*; 192.0241.1 ill. languages: DE/EN/FR/IT/RU/UK 4 Outlet tap for 20 litre canister; 5 pcs. 192.0191.5 *Can be used for at least 6 months without remixing if stored and transported frost-free. In order to guarantee maximum durability,...

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ABIBLUE NF spray bottles The sprays have spray heads specially designed for ABIBLUE NF and thus ensure an optimum spraying pattern. The spray head can be set to the required spraying pattern before use, and the workpiece can be evenly sprayed and wetted. Suitable for use with ABIBLUE NF anti-spatter-emulsion. The metal spray bottle is our robust solution for keeping ABIBLUE NF close to the process. Thanks to its solid metal body, it is insusceptible to heat and welding spatter. A plastic spray bottle is available as an alternative to the metal spray bottle. This does not require pressure...

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Low conductivity of the coolant in liquid cooled welding and cutting equipment has been shown to increase the lifetime of the hose package, torch and cooling unit and should therefore be checked at regular intervals. The new conductivity tester Primo 5 is ideally suited for checking the conductivity and, thanks to its compact design, allows a faster and less complicated measurement than its predecessor. Its long, rugged probe requires low maintenance while still ensuring accurate measurement. The measured value is easy to read via the large display. Temperature compensation is automatic via...

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Coolants for all Liquid cooled torches require special coolants. These welding and cutting should have very good cooling properties, low elec-systems trical conductivity and in addition good storage pro perties. ABICOR BINZEL BTC coolants satisfy these requirements reliably, ensure optimal cooling of liquid cooled welding and cutting torches and thus provide perfect protection for the complete cooling system. ■ Opti mal cooling of torches ■ Long life in the cooling system ■ Prevents a rapid increase in the electrical conductivity - electrical corrosion on metal parts is considerably reduced...

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BTC-50 NF ■ Very low conductivity value of < 4|jS/cm. ■ Non-flammable - conforms to the ABICOR BINZEL NF standard ■ U ncomplicated storage - non-flammable product ■ Frost-proof up to -17° C ■ Silicone-free ■ pH value: 6 Pos. Description Part-No. 1 BTC-20 NF, 5 litre canister; languages: DE/EN/FR/ES/CS/SK/PL/RU 192.0265.1 5 BTC-20 NF, 5 litre canister; languages: DE/FR/Nl/tr/nO/DA/PT/SV 192.0266.1 6 BTC-20 NF, 20 litre canister; languages: DE/EN/FR/ES/CS/SK/PL/RU 192.0267.1 6 BTC-20 NF, 20 litre canister; languages: DE/FR/NL/Tr/nO/DA/PT/SV 192.0268.1 7 Outlet tap for 20 litre canister; 5...

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