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AB Series - 1

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE WELDER´S WORLD. Operating instructions AB Series MIG/MAG Welding Torches

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AB Series - 2

EN English Translation of the original operating instructions © The manufacturer reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make such changes and amendments to these operation Instructions which may become necessary due to misprints, inaccuracies or improvements to the product. Such changes will however be incorporated into subsequent editions of the Instructions. All trademarks mentioned in the operating instructions are the property of their respective owners. All brand names and trademarks that appear in this manual are the property of their...

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AB Series - 3

AB Series Torches 1 Designated Use 1 Designated Use The AB series manual welding torches are used for safety welding of carbon steel and alloy steel materials. They consist of the torch neck with equipment parts and wearing parts, handle and cable assembly with Panasonic connector (or OTC/Euro connector). They correspond to the directive EN 60 974-7 and are not considered to be devices having their own functions. Arc welding can only be carried out in connection with a welding power supply. 1.1 Marking This product fulfills the requirements that apply to the market to which it has been...

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AB Series - 4

1 Designated Use AB Series Torches Tab. 5 Spare parts' list

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AB Series - 5

AB Series Torches 2 Safety Instructions Tab. 6 Contact tip list IStandard contact tip for AB20 2 Standard contact tip for AB35/50 2 Safety Instructions Observe the enclosed document Safety Instructions. 2.1 Classification The warning signs used in the operating instructions are divided into four different levels and are shown prior to specific work steps. Arranged in descending order of importance, they have the following meaning: Describes imminent threatening danger. If not avoided, it will result in fatal or extremely critical injuries. A WARNING Describes a potentially dangerous...

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AB Series - 6

3 Putting into operation 3 Putting into operation DANGER Risk of injury due to unexpected start-up. For the entire duration of maintenance, servicing, dismounting and repair work, the following instructions must be adhered to: • Switch off the power supply. • Close off the gas supply. • Disconnect all electrical connections. 3.1 Equipping the torch CAUTION Risk of injury Piercing or puncture caused by electrode tip. • Do not reach into the danger zone and wear protective gloves. 3.1.1 Equipping spare parts onto the torch neck Equip the torch neck according to the following figure: Gas...

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AB Series - 7

3 Putting into operation 3.2 Mounting the wire guide liner 1 Lay the torch straight out and unscrew the gas nozzle as well as the contact tip from the torch neck. 2 Slide the wire guide liner into the torch up to the Panasonic connector; for the torches with Euro or OTC connector, unscrew the position holder nut on the connector, insert the wire guide liner in and then screw the position holder nut back on again. 3 Fold the torch side cable to a degree of 180°, cut off the wire guide liner at the end of the tip holder. 4 Pull out the wire guide liner. 5 Sharpen the wire guide liner to an...

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AB Series - 8

4 Operating elements NOTE • As the AB Series Torches torch is integrated into a welding system, the operating instructions of the welding components, such as power supply, must be observed during operation. 1 Press the trigger on the handle and keep it pressed = welding is started. 2 Release the trigger = welding is stopped. 5 Removal from service 1 Wait until the shielding gas flow has subsided and switch off the power supply. 2 Close the valve of the shielding gas cylinder.

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AB Series - 9

AB Series Torches 6 Maintenance and cleaning AB Series Torches 6 Maintenance and cleaning A DANGER Risk of injury due to unexpected start-up. For the entire duration of maintenance, servicing, dismounting and repair work, the following instructions must be adhered to: • Switch off the power supply and close off the gas supply. • Pull out the mains plug. 1 Unscrew the torch on the wire feed unit and lay it straight out. 2 Dismount the wire guide liner and replace it if necessary. 3 Remove worn parts from the torch neck. A WARNING Risk of injury Serious injuries caused by parts swirling...

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AB Series - 10

NOTE • When change contact-tip holder or torch neck, or connect Panasonic to machine side, the contact surface between parts must be clean and free from hard particles, otherwise the surface will be scraped and good contact won’t be guaranteed. • When assemble trigger contact spring onto torch handle, be care not to bend the spring and make sure the two springs are assembled with the contact points face to face. The groove on the spring must be set on the stage shown as the following photo. The contact springs must be assembled with the groove set on the stage of the torch handle Assemble...

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AB Series - 12

Guangzhou ABITEC Welding Equipment Company Ltd. An Enterprise of ABICOR BINZEL Group Add: NO. 42 Dongpeng Road , East District, GETDD, Guangzhou, P.R. China Pos: 510530 Tel: +86-20-82265568 Fax: +86-20-82265598 Email:

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