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The FX37xx is an electronic ignition Full Sequence Controller for gas burning appliances. It provides ionisation flame detection and offers a choice of separate or combined ignition and flame electrodes. Uniquely the FX37xxx also offers a choice of top or front electrode, the latter ensuring that all connections can be made from one face. It is available in two broad types: The FX37SPT has no fan functions at all and thus is suitable for non fanned appliances or appliances employing other means of fan control. The FX37FSx provides fan option with possible variations on pre-purge time. The control can be mounted in any orientation. ABBEY ELECTRONICS Electronic Ignition Full Sequence Control EC Product Identification No. 87AR272 ABBEY ELECTRONICS FX37xxx Eertronc IgntmFill Seqerre Crrttrl Flame Ddtcticn    Iaisaicn Repute Cpticn    IspTFsaFsbJscF sD)EM Maximum Safety Time:- 15s (Lower time can be factory set on request by the OEM). *Prcnurgc Options:-A = 10s; B = 15s; C = 30s ; D = 45s Cl assif ca li on: -ATRVBN or AMRVBN depending on application. Earth Neutral Live 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10_I Flame Probe Pilot Valve Main Valve IMPORTANT NOTES: Connection to the FX37xxx is via a 2-part 10 way connector obtainable from Abbey Electronics. The board should be wired as shown above for Permanent Pilot application. The flame should be sensed on the pilot. For dual probe (separate spark/flame sensing) operation connect SR to earth. For single probe (combined spark/flame sensing), connect SR to FP. The spark electrode will thus sense flame as well. The total direct load on the FX37 should not exceed 1.8A. The control is protected by an on-board T2A fuse. There are no user-adjustable parts on the control and under no circumstance should any part of the control be tampered with as this could be very dangerous. The control is supplied in an IP30 enclosure but can also be supplied without the enclosure. In either case, the unit is designed for incorporation into OEM appliances only. The OEM should observe all the normal rules and regulations governing electrical wiring and safety. * Although the fan function is disabled the control will still go through the prepurge delay during a sequence. Title:- DATA SHEET FOR FX37SPT

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