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Intelligent motor management

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This guide is intended to be used along with the following brochures: MNS System Guide Publication no. 1TGC902030B0202 containing details on ABB MNS Low Voltage Switchgear design MNS Safety Aspects Publication no. 1TGC900009B0201 containing details on plant and personnel safety assured by MNS design ABB assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. In no event shall ABB be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any nature or kind arising from the use of this document, nor shall ABB be liable for incidental or consequential...

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Table of contents MNS with M10x motor management One size fits all Simple engineering solution Flexible and user friendly I/O design Multiple starter types Full motor protection Extensive monitoring and reporting functions Operator panel Parameter assignment and programming MNS with M10x | Intelligent motor management 3

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MNS with M10x motor management M10x is a microprocessor-based intelligent motor management system that provides users with complete and specialized low voltage motor control, protection and monitoring. Its splendid, all-in-one functionality, robust communication and commercially economical qualities make M10x a trademark ABB intelligent motor controller. It has been chosen and delivered for many projects worldwide, especially in the Middle East and Asia where the most reliable and proven solutions are demanded. It is no surprise that M10x has become the number one choice of customers and...

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Increasing plant availability M10x significantly increases plant availability by enabling preventive action. Its data quality goes far beyond conventional motor protection systems. Its remote control technology may be used by the engineering team, and provides highly-detailed system analysis for need-based maintenance. Flawlessly integrated communications M10x provides typical low voltage energy distribution and motor control center communications vertically to process control systems, and horizontally across engineering and maintenance stations. Configurable in a simplex or dualredundant...

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MNS with M10x - 6

With nearly ten years of exposure to the market, M10x has a large installed base in many industries. From mines deep underground to power plants, paper mills and factories on the surface, M10x has a global reputation for reliability and ease-of-use. Mining and minerals  Easy operation, highly flexible process control and supervision  Comprehensive motor protection, including earth fault  Multiple configurable digital inputs/outputs for monitoring and control Water industry  Pump control and protections  Plant automation support, from starters to feeders  Reliable network support with...

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Simple engineering solution A single, uniquely equipped device, M10x can be customized through its software to perform all of the varied tasks customers require. ■ Control, protection, monitoring & ■ Multiple choice of power supply i.e., ■ One type of intergrated CT ranging from ■ One physical size regardless of different Current Transformer Earth fault current CT MNS with M10x | Intelligent motor mana

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MNS with M10x - 8

Flexible and user friendly I/O design Thermistor input Digital inputs for various functions Communication ports Relay output Power supply Ground safety and surge Note: Different product types may have different quantities of I/Os. Please refer to product user manual for details. M10x supports up to 13 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs in one single device. All inputs and outputs are configurable to suit different applications. 8 Intelligent motor management | MNS with M10x

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Multiple starter types M10x relays provide a full range of functionalities for motor monitoring, control and protection. M10x offers a variety of motor start modes via parameterization, and supervises the operating state of the contactor through the feedback of the auxiliary contact of the contactor. The control authority of the motor includes local control and remote control. All necessary motor starting control modes are integrated in the device. To select a desired starting control mode, simply click on the setup interface of the M10x motor control unit. Start Modes Non-reversing direct...

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Full motor protection M10x devices provide full motor protection. Full motor protection means timely and accurate protection by continuously collecting and keeping track of information on all operating states during the course of motor operations, providing fault alarm and protection action (protection trip) and setting action delay times, to safeguard motors and smooth production. Via serial communication, real-time information of process motors is reported upward to plant control systems, providing the basis for process analysis and management optimization. Prior to any possible major...

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MNS with M10x - 11

M10x motor protection has the following features:  All protection functions are implemented with the microprocessor built in the device and configurable  The desired protection function can be easily selected with the parametering software  The protection function can be set as alarm and trip, alarm only, or trip only  Trip reset modes can be configured as any of the following by preset of trip reset modes Motor protection functions Long start protection The reset modes are different in various protection functions:  Automatic reset  Remote reset  Local reset  Local & remote reset...

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MNS with M10x - 12

Thermal overload protection Thermal overload (TOL) protection keeps track of and calculates the thermal capacity of the motor in operation to protect the motor against overheating, which may shorten the service life of the motor or damage it. In addition, the thermal memory function of the TOL protection is particularly important in case frequent starting is required. The TOL protection has a thermal memory function, which protects the motor from startup in an overheated condition. The M10x unit simulates the thermal conditions in all operating states of the motor to maximize the use of the...

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