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— MNS® Low-voltage switchgear Exceeding the standards

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04 – 05 essentials of 5 switchgear solutions 06  DEKRA statement on lowvoltage switchgear assemblies 07 IPH / ASTA statement on lowvoltage switchgear assemblies 08 Exceeding the standards with MNS 09 Scale your solution with MNS 10 Higher asset availability with MNS

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— Exceeding the standards with MNS 5 essentials of switchgear solutions Since ABB first introduced the modular low-voltage switchgear platform MNS over forty-five years ago, MNS has always been at the forefront of innovation in the market place. Safety, flexibility and reliability all stem from the rigorous testing / certification program initialised with our MNS platform introduction. Technical innovation has also been a driver from the beginning and continues to this day. Not limited to technical innovation, ABB also focuses on the following additional factors valued by customers: • Ease...

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Reliability Since the introduction of MNS in the early 1970s the lifecycle comprises three discrete product generations. The constructional aspects of the MNS platform have remained the same throughout the product evolution. This enables extensions and retrofit throughout the entire installed base. Over 1.5 million MNS sections have been delivered so far, and over 80 percent of these remain in operation, this demonstrates the reliability and quality offered by MNS. Flexibility The MNS modular design forms the basis of the system flexibility. This aspect also provides the ability to combine...

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— DEKRA statement on low-voltage switchgear assemblies A low-voltage switchgear assembly is the product of a long supply chain; the road from design to customer applications is not always a straight one. In addition to the Test Certificate DEKRA offers the possibility to obtain a Test Report, this enables the option to test a particular requirement for example: As a switchgear supplier ABB wants to avoid personal injury of their clients’ employees, and prevent loss of energy supply. ABB’s clients need to be sure that the switchgear meets their requirements, and those defined by the...

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I P H / A S TA statement on low - v oltage switchgear assemblies — IPH / ASTA statement on lowvoltage switchgear assemblies IPH-Berlin, a subsidiary of CESI CESI is a world leader in consulting and testing for the energy sector. IPH-Berlin has been successfully operating for more than 50 years. During this period, eleven test bays have been developed, based on the requirements of product design and compliance to international standards. The latest and largest high-current test bay, which makes IPH’s facility one of the most recognized and adaptable in the world, comprises a current test...

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— Exceeding the standards with MNS ABB’s knowledge and experience gained in design, testing and supplying switchgear over the last 50 years, is unrivalled. This coupled with the ‘5 essentials of switchgear solutions’ and our global business model provides a differentiating factor for many decisions in today’s challenging business environment. Quality management with ABB The two interrelated processes hereunder illustrate ABB’s quality policy covering the complete value chain from global development to local delivery. ABB’s quality process is embedded in the ethics of the entire...

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S cale your solution with M N S — Scale your solution with MNS The MNS platform provides complete scalability across the entire portfolio with options for front or rear access designs, this coupled with the portfolio applications that fulfil requirements in all industry segments from final distribution to high end process control and secure power systems ensures MNS is the definitive solution for all applications. MTTR i.e. module exchange Withdrawable Plug-in Tools required for module exchange Personal safety -1 hr Required personnel qualification In addition to this a comprehensive range...

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— Higher asset availability with MNS Digital MNS Digital utilizes latest smart technologies available in the proven MNS system platform and enables complete visibility for all the connected assets providing real time information. With the utilization of the on-site ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for electrical systems (CMES), data is collected and analyzed to ensure continuous operation and maintenance is scheduled only as to when and where it is required. This reduces unwanted shutdown and increases asset availability. Motor controller In addition, MNS Digital and the CMES provide...

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Additional information We reserve the right to make technical changes or modify the contents of this document without prior notice. With regard to purchase orders, the agreed particulars shall prevail. ABB does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for potential errors or possible lack of information in this document. We reserve all rights in this document and in the subject matter and illustrations contained therein. Any reproduction, disclosure to third parties or utilization of its contents – in whole or in parts – is forbidden without prior written consent of ABB

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— ABB Ltd. Distribution Solutions Electrification business P.O. Box 8131 CH-8050 Zurich Switzerland © Copyright 2019 ABB. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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