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ABB industrial drives ACS880, drive modules 0.55 to 3200 kW Catalog

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What does all-compatible mean for you? Being all-compatible means that drive choice should add value to your business. Drives should meet the unique demands of your processes, help you save energy and reduce operating costs. Also, all-compatible means that our drives are easy to select, use and maintain. These are the cornerstones making our industrial drive series the all-compatible choice. The all-compatible ACS880 series drives Simplifying your world without limiting your possibilities Human all-compatible Process all-compatible Environment all-compatible Business all-compatible...

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The all-compatible ACS880 series drives The ACS880 series drives are part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio. Compatible with virtually all types of processes, automation systems, users and business requirements they are designed to tackle any motor-driven application in any industry, despite the power range. The innovation behind all-compatibility is our new drives architecture that simplifies operation, optimizes energy efficiency and helps maximize process output. The ACS880 series consists of single drives, multidrives and drive modules. Catalog | ABB industrial drives ACS880...

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Simplifying your world without limiting your possibilities Wide range of safety features Safe torque off is built-in as standard. An optional safety functions module provides extended safety functions, simplifying the conguration and reducing installation space. Drive application programming Customizable to meet the precise application needs using CODESYS programming. The drive is also easy to integrate with other ABB components such as PLC and HMI. Direct torque control (DTC) ABB’s signature motor control technology provides precise speed and torque control for all applications and...

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Drive modules, ACS880 The all-compatible drives are designed to provide customers across industries and applications with unprecedented levels of compatibility and flexibility. The ACS880 drive modules are customized to meet the precise needs of industries such as metals, oil and gas, mining, marine, material handling, pulp and paper. They control a wide range of applications such as cranes, conveyors, pumps and fans. Intuitive human-machine interface Intuitive, high-contrast and high-resolution display enabling easy navigation in multiple languages. Startup and maintenance tool PC tool for...

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Human all-compatible The new drives share easy-to-use interfaces saving you time during drive commissioning and maintenance. When you have learned it once, you can use it with all the drives in our all-compatible drives portfolio. The new control panel supports over 20 languages. The new PC tool provides extensive drive monitoring capabilities and quick access to the drive settings. Integrated and certified safety features provide safety for machine operators. 6 ABB industrial drives ACS880 drive modules | Catalog

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Process all-compatible The drives are compatible with all kinds of processes. They control virtually any type of AC motor, provide extensive input/output connectivity and support all major fieldbus protocols. The drives cover a wide voltage and power range. Control performance is scalable from basic to demanding applications delivered by direct torque control (DTC). The flexibility and scalability of the drives enable one drive platform to control virtually any application or process, making your drive selection easy. Catalog | ABB industrial drives ACS880 drive modules 7

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Environment all-compatible There is an increased demand for reducing industries’ impact on the environment. Our drives can help you reduce energy consumption in a wide range of applications. The new drives have an energy optimizer feature that ensures maximum torque per ampere, reducing energy drawn from the supply. The built-in energy efficiency calculators help you to analyze and optimize processes. We can help you to investigate the energy saving potential of selected applications with our six-step energy appraisal. Our services expand through the life cycle of the drive and help you...

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Business all-compatible The new all-compatible drives are not just equipment but part of your business strategy. Providing better control over your processes, the new drives equal lower energy consumption, improved productivity, flexibility and ease of use. In addition to drives we offer a wide range of products and services to support your business. With offices in over 90 countries and a global technical partner network, we are in a good position to offer technical advice and local support, worldwide. Catalog | ABB industrial drives ACS880 drive modules 9

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How to select a drive Many of the features for the ACS880 drive modules are builtin as standard, making selection easy. A wide range of options are available to optimize the drive for different requirements. To choose the right drive for your application, please refer to the rating tables on pages 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 or use ABB’s DriveSize (page 42) dimensioning tool. The 10 ABB industrial drives ACS880 drive modules | Catalog selected drive has a unique type designation, which identifies the drive by construction, power and voltage range. The options are added to the type...

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Technical data Type designation: X04 Product series Types and construction Ratings Voltages Options Mains connection Environmental limits Voltage and power range Power factor IGBT supply unit (ISU): cosϕ1 = 1 (fundamental) cosϕ = 0.99 (total) Diode supply unit (DSU): cosϕ1 = 0.98 (fundamental) cosϕ = 0.93 to 0.95 (total) Efficiency (at nominal power) Voltage Motor control Direct torque control (DTC) Torque control: Open loop Closed loop Torque step rise time: <5 ms with nominal torque <5 ms with nominal torque Non-linearity: ± 4% with nominal torque ± 3% with nominal torque Open loop Closed...

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Single drive modules, ACS880-01 with option +P940 Our all-compatible ACS880-01 single drives support easy and cost efficient cabinet installation with option+P940. The optimized module design makes cabinet installation easy and minimizes the need for cabinet space, while providing allcompatible features in one compact drive module. The power range is from 0.55 to 250 kW and the voltage range is from 230 to 690 V. The enclosure class is IP20 as standard. These single drive modules are customized to the precise needs of industries such as oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, cement, power...

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