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What does all-compatible mean for you? The idea behind all-compatible is simple: the better a drive fits to your processes, users and business and environmental goals, the faster you start enjoying the benefits it brings. During drive selection, you save time as the drives have many built-in features simplifying the selection process. A broad range of options provides easy extension to the drive’s functionality. The simplicity carries on to the drive setup and commissioning. With a state of the art user interface and drive design, installation and setup is made easy and optimal. The ACS580...

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Energy savings that will bring a smile to your face Catalog | ABB general purpose drives ACS580 3

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The all-compatible ACS580 general purpose drives The wall-mounted ACS580 is an all-compatible ABB general purpose drive. It turns complicated to simple to control processes efficiently. The drive controls a wide range of applications in different industries, and yet it requires very little setting up or commissioning. The control panel's primary settings menu with assistants provide you a smart and quick way to commission the drive quickly and get it into action. All the essential features are built-in as standard, which reduces the need for additional hardware and simplifies drive...

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Advanced energy efciency with effortless simplicity Catalog | ABB general purpose drives ACS580 5

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Switch on simplicity without trading off efficiency Simple to select, install and use Built-in features such as an EMC filter, a swinging choke, a Modbus RTU fieldbus interface and safe torque off functionality simplify drive selection, installation and use. Simplicity at your fingertips The control panel’s straightforward primary settings menu with assistants help you set up the drive quickly and effectively. Boosting energy efficiency Energy optimizer and energy efficiency information help you monitor and save the energy used in your process. 6 ABB general purpose drives ACS580 | Catalog

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The ACS580 general purpose drives are part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio. The drives promise you effortless energy efficiency throughout their whole life cycle. The ACS580 drive practically guides you to set itself up. With built-in assistant functionality the user answers to questions in the selected language to set up the drive, and then the drive is fully operational. After commissioning, the next time you will remember you own the drive is when you take a look at your new, lower energy bill. Startup and maintenance tool Drive composer PC tool for startup, configuration,...

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Human all-compatible Through drive selection, installation, commissioning and use the drive is designed save your time and energy with effortless simplicity. When using the drive, you don’t have to know all of the parameters or use any programming language. Primary settings menu with assistants and ready-made application macros provide you a smart way to set up the drive quickly. One glance at the control panel's editable home view will show you the status of the drive and process. The Drive composer PC tool provides extensive drive monitoring and process tuning capabilities. The integrated...

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What do we mean by plug-in-ready compatibility? Exactly what it says. Buy it, plug it in and run it. Process all-compatible The ACS580 drives are ready for a broad range of standard drive applications, and all essential features for speed and torque control applications are built-in as standard. The power range reaches up to 250 kW, covering a broad range of applications. The wide range of fieldbus adapter options allow communication with all of the major industrial automation networks. If the application requires more than a general purpose drive, the common drives architecture enables the...

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The greenest energy is the energy that you do not use. That is what the ACS580 allows you to do. Optimize process by removing mechanical control Maintain investment and availability ABB life cycle services Built-in energy optimizer Know your energy savings Built-in energy efciency calculators High efciency drive The latest technology and design Compatible with IE4 highefciency motors Minimized energy consumption Environment all-compatible With ABB and the drives, you are not only optimizing the energy consumption of an electric motor but also your whole process. The drive itself helps you...

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Business all-compatible Usually, any drive is a justified investment that gives a short payback time by lowering energy consumption and helping improve productivity of the processes. When you choose an all-compatible drive from ABB, you get more than just a drive. You get our wide range of products and services to support your business, including our decades of experience in various industries. ABB’s local offices are in over 90 countries and our global value provider network members will be near to you. New technology inside, the whole ABB outside, designed to support your business....

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The versatile drive for a broad range of applications The wall-mounted ACS580 general purpose drive is designed to control a broad range of variable and constant torque applications such as pumps, fans, conveyors and mixers as well as for process control in different industries. The drive is equipped with built-in features that simplify ordering and delivery, and reduces commissioning costs since everything is provided in a single, compact and ready to use package. All the essential features built-in The drive provides reduced harmonics with built-in secondgeneration swinging choke...

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It is very easy to select the right drive. This is how you build up your own ordering code using the type designation key. Start with identifying your supply voltage. This tells you what rating table to use. See pages 15 and 16. Choose your options (on pages 21, 23, 25 and 30) and add the option codes to drive’s ordering code. Remember to use a “+” mark before each option code. Choose your motor’s power and current rating from the ratings table on pages 15 and 16. Control panel options Assistant control panel Blank control panel cover (no control panel) Control panel mounting platform...

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