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V400Two Part Adjustable Photocell r wjsm Key Features ■ Low power consumption ■ Robust controller with 'test' facility ■ Durable polycarbonate casing ■ Suitable for use with LED, halogen or discharge lighting Applications ■ General lighting load switching at pre-determined lux levels ■ Commercial, industrial and warehouse lighting ■ Floodlighting ■ Tunnel & underpass lighting The V400 adjustable photocell is designed to control both external and internal lighting loads in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Offering a long trouble-free service life, the V400 photocell is ideal for the control of lighting circuits where lux level adjustment is required to a set level (from 25 to 2000 lux or from 25 to 50000 lux). Comprising a separate detector unit and a controller with an integral 'press to test' facility, the V400 photocell permits remote installation of the lens, whilst the controller is sited in a convenient, easy to reach location to enable regular photocell testing.

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V400 Two Part Adjustable Photocell Technical Specification Specification Description Sensor type Switching levels Switching differential Operating voltage range Maximum lamp load Power consumption Product selection Operating temperature range Ingress protection Controller only Terminal block ‘Reverse acting’ switching differential RoHS compliant. CE marked and compliant with EMC emission and immunity standards Designed to meet the requirements for UMSUG code 94 0001 0000 100 Two part adjustable photocell Individual product order codes subject to final product specification. Codes can be...

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