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Superstrut SilverGalv - 1

PRODUCT BROCHURE Superstrut® SilverGalv® electro-galvanized finish Performance unmatched by the competitio

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Superstrut SilverGalv - 2

— Superstrut® SilverGalv® outperforms the competition Complete offering of SilverGalv fittings and accessories Mismatched strut assemblies are a thing of the past with Superstut SilverGalv. With a complete line of channel, hardware, fittings, hangers and pipe straps, all components have the same electrogalvanized finish for consistent performance and uniform aesthetics. SilverGalv straps and hangers SilverGalv fittings SilverGalv channel SilverGalv hardware Metal framing channel finish Corrosion-resistant testing, ASTM B117 600 500 Salt spray hours The Superstrut SilverGalv finish provides...

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