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Power and productivity for a better world™

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Motors use almost one third of the world’s generated electricity. So it is safe to say that reliable motor operation is crucial to our modern way of life. Yet millions of these motors are not run optimally. The wear and tear associated with frequent starts and stops cause unplanned stoppages and shortened operational lifetime. The uptime of full-speed motors would be greatly improved if softstarters were used. As the name implies, softstarters enable smooth motor starting and stopping, thus optimizing both new and existing motors. For motor protection on a global scale, by simply using...

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ABB softstarters Table of contents 1 PSTX – The advanced range Fieldbus communication Marketing material and tools

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ABB softstarters How we are helping the industry 1 Softstarters from ABB offer multiple values and benefits. Whether you are a consultant, OEM, panel builder or end-user, softstarters will add to your business value by securing motor reliability, improving installation efficiency and increasing application productivity. Secure motor ABB softstarters help increase your motor’s lifetime by protecting it from electrical stress. Starting currents are easily optimized to your load, application and motor size. Over ten motor protection features are included to keep your motor safe from different...

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Xylem - South Africa ABB softstarters provide efficiency in the mining industry One of Xylem’s water solutions helps to prevent flooding in mines. Previous softstarters needed a lot of extra protection equipment. Xylem was looking for a simpler solution that would ensure reliability even at a depth of 3,500 meters. Reducing the number of components by 80 percent shortened installation time by 60 percent. By cutting costs in half, Xylem can sell twice as many panels with softstarters than before. Why softstarting matters to Xylem Installation time reduced by Total panel cost reduced by For...

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ABB softstarters Improving industrial processes around the globe 1 Softstarters can do wonders for your operations. Packed with useful features, they reduce the wear of your equipment, improve the reliability of your processes, and increase overall productivity. Controlling pumps Controlling fans Eliminating water hammering with torque control Water hammering is a common problem with pumps. It typically results in a lot of wear on pipes and valves when stopping the pump. ABB softstarters feature torque control stop which eliminates water hammering and prolongs the lifetime of the system,...

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Controlling conveyor belts Controlling compressors Avoid overheating with overload protection Too much material on a conveyor belt may cause overload and overheating, reducing the reliability and longevity of the motor. The ABB overload protection feature shuts down the motor in case of overload, avoiding overheating. Full control of current with current limit Many applications are sensitive to high or variable starting currents. The feature current limit makes it possible to start the motor securely even in a weaker network, improving the availability of the equipment and system. Reducing...

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Direct-on-line Direct-on-line starting (DOL, also across the line starting) is the easiest and most commonly used starting method. It is suitable for stable networks and mechanically stiff and well-dimensioned shaft systems due to the high current and torque generated during start. DOL starting is uncontrolled, which means that the motor will start with maximum current and torque regardless of load type. Star-delta A star-delta starter reduces current and torque during start. The starting current is about one third compared to direct-online starting, although it also reduces the starting...

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ABB softstarters A solution for every need 1 The ABB softstarter offering consists of three ranges, covering every need. Our products help you secure motor reliability, improve installation efficiency and increase application productivity. PSTX – The advanced range Technical data: Technical data: Technical data: Rated motor current Rated motor current Rated motor current Main motor voltage Control supply voltage Control supply voltage Control supply voltage Main motor voltage Main motor voltage rre n Cu t limi t rre n Ele t limi t ra ctr oni mp cm Du al o oto and d ver ual ro Un ver der...

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ABB softstarters A part of your motor starting solution 1 Motor starting requires several components to work perfectly together. ABB is a one-stop shop for motor starting, offering all the necessary components and complete motor starting solutions, proven by the numerous installations worldwide. − − Soft start and stop with reduced current − − Features to improve process productivity − − Detachable kepyad for front door mounting on a panel 2 Short circuit breaker MCCB − − Short circuit protection of motor − − Possibility for electrical isolation Can I use a softstarter for an ATEX motor?...

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Pilot devices −− Remote control of motor −− Possible to use 24 V AC/DC equipment in the panel, e.g. − − Monitoring and signalling the water level motor status with light and Liquid level monitoring relays CM-ENS sound −− Emergency stop of motor − − Easy installation of control Terminal blocks SNK range wires − − Isolation at stop − − Isolation at faults − − Emergency stop − − Back-up DOL starter Can I use a softstarter on a ship? ABB softstarters PSE and PSTX have marine approvals and are certified for marine environment. Ships use IT networks, which means there is a floating electrical...

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Softstarter, type

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ABB softstarters Certifications and approvals 1 The table below shows the certifications and approvals for ABB softstarters. For other certifications and/or approvals, please contact ABB. Certifications and approvals Approvals: ship classification societies ANCE Mexico C-tick Australia Lloyd’s Register • Standard design approved, the products bear the certification mark when it is required. Directives and standards No. 2006/95/EC Electromagnetic compability Low voltage switchgear and control gear—Part 1: General rules AC semiconductor motor controllers and starters Industrial Control...

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