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m»w HVDC CARE Lifecycle Services for HVDC Your uptime insurance

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— Lifecycle services for HVDC We keep the power flowing, and never leave our customer HVDC (high-voltage direct current) is a highly efficient alternative for transmitting large amounts of electricity over long distances and for special purpose applications. As a key enabler in the future energy system based on renewables, HVDC lifecycle service truly supports shaping the grid of the future. We divide our services into categories based on our customers needs. These categories are rapid response, lifecycle management, performance improvement, operational excellence, and HVDC Care agreements....

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— HVDC Care We always strive for our customers trust HVDC Service ensures continued support to the project throughout its lifetime. ABB has long experience in providing maintenance service and delivering upgrades for HVDC links all around the world. operation and management of the entire system. Already during design of the converter ABB service experts are involved to prepare for serviceability, future operation, and minimized downtime. The cost of ownership throughout the system lifecycle should be relevant. And the capital expenditures, incurred when investing in the plant, needs to be...

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— Rapid response We keep the power flowing 24/7 Corrective actions are needed from time to time Upgrades when unscheduled problems occur. ABB is committed to supplying support solutions that meet our customers needs and specifications. To Partial rectify a problem as soon as possible, we provide upgrades several support options. Rapid Response provides expert support via phone, e-mail, or Lifecycle other agreed means of contact. Short responsemanagement Spare time to a knowledgeable ABB engineer provides parts immediate access to solutions, saving valuable time. Minor incidents can be...

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— 24/7 Partial remote upgrades Operational excellence Rapid Lifecycle response management We together manage your assets, 24/7 Spare on-site parts operations, and risk ABB Ability is our portfolio of digital solutions and the platform they are built upon that helps customers take advantage of digitalization. Today, weTraining offer solutions that range from remote Performance monitoring systems to systems that maximize improvement availability, reliability and security. Many customers have already deployed these solutions. Simulation ABB has for many years worked with digital models...

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— Partial upgrades Operational excellence Lifecycle Cyber security management Spare 24/7 remote Rapid response Cyber security is an integral part of the system lifecycle, and is incorporated in our system deliveries. Cyber security is not a single, one-time activity, but an integrated part of the lifecycle Training Performance management. Operational excellence We are committed to support cyber security Simulation standards, our subject matter experts models continuously monitors these evolving standards, and adapts the system and processes to meet these evolving requirements. Condition Our...

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Cyber security is not a single, one-time activity, but an integrated part of the lifecycle management We are comitted to support cyber security standards such as NERC CIP, ISO 27000, and other standards

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— Partial upgrades Performance improvement We optimize connectivity, reliabilityLifecycle management Spare parts and efficiency of your assets Performance improvement includes training and consultancy services that helps you identify ways to improve the reliability, availability and security of your HVDC system. Our team of experts can check the current status of your system. Training ABB provides comprehensive training for engineers, operators, programmers and maintenance personnel, including up-to-date technical expertise and support for a full range of products, systems and applications....

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— Lifecycle management We optimize and extend your equipment life Modernizing an HVDC installation has been shown to extend system lifetime, improve availability and reliability, increase cost efficiency, improve performance, increase the capacity, and increase the power rating of the link. Upgrades After some years of operation, an assessment of the equipment or systems can extend a system’s lifecycle and reduce downtime. Not only can new generation hardware and software provide new functionalities, but the upgrade can be completed within a relatively short downtime, and is a proven,...

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LIFECYCLE SERVICES FOR HVDC YOUR UPTIME INSURANCE 01 HVDC Service are backed by ABB Transformer Service (TRES), whom consists of professional engineers experienced in transformer installations and maintenance worldwide. 02 HVDC Service backed by ABB HV Breakers Service, have available resources and experts for maintenance and life extension during circuit breaker lifecycle. 03 HVDC Service are backed by ABB HV Components Capacitors experts from Ludvika Sweden. 04 HVDC Lifecycle Service team keeps the power flowing and acts like a service and system integrator, backed by ABB HV Components...

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— Upgrades Extended operational lifetime Being proactive and planning an upgrade is far better than passively waiting for a breakdown. Based on many years of experience from complex installations, ABB offers services to evolve or upgrade the installation to the next generation, to extend system lifetime, to improve availability and reliability. Upgrades There are several reasons to upgrade a system. First, many installations are critical for the supported system, transmission, or network. Additionally, there are challenges to maintain competence in limited and obsolete technologies when key...

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— HVDC Care agreements An uptime insurance tailored to your needs HVDC Care Agreements Upgrades Partial upgrades Spare parts There is a growing demand for HVDC Care agreements, an uptime insurance for increased peace of mind, enabling the customer to focus on their core business. The best effect of a Care agreement is achieved when implemented early in the system lifecycle. Following that, necessary services can be applied throughout all stages of the life of your system. Lifecycle management Rapid response HVDC system availability and reliability Performance improvement Operational...

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