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Motor protection and control DRAF enclosed direct-on-line starters

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DRAF enclosed direct-on-line starters Experience reliable and easy to install motor starting Improve installation efficiency Improve installation efficiency −− Easy to connect and to operate −− Pre-wired control circuit and easy to follow wiring instructions −− Coil energy consumption down by 80%. Reliable in harsh conditions Reliable in harsh condition −− High number of electrical and mechanical operations −− Robust IP66 and type 4X enclosure −− Double electrical insulation. Continious operation Continuous operation −− AF contactors manage voltage fluctuation, chattering free −− Protected...

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Motor starting solutions up to 7.5 kW and 10 hp AF 3-pole contactor with holding contact Start contact block "0" OFF/RESET button 1 PE and 1 neutral terminal TF42 thermal overload relay ABB DRAF enclosed direct-on-line starters | 3

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Description Enclosed direct-on-line (DOL) starters are used for controlling 3-phase asynchronous motors up to 690 V AC. Each starter is delivered assembled and wired. It contains: - IP66 and type 4X plastic enclosure with double insulation, equiped with: - 1 green flush "I" ON button and 1 red protruding 'O' OFF/RESET button - 4 cable inlets and outlets via knockouts. - 1 AF 3-pole contactor with holding contact - 1 CB5-10 start contact block - 1 PE and 1 neutral terminal. Control supply wiring: IEC starters type: phase-to-phase, separate supply or phase-to-neutral. UL starters type:...

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mm cable inlet/outlet suitable for IEC starter types To be completed with AF contactor, TF42 thermal overload relay and CB5-10 (1SBN010013R1010) start contact block. Empty enclosure with push-button 1SBC133004S0201 ABB DRAF enclosed direct-on-line starters | 5

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Control supply wiring versions L1 L2 L3 N DRAF..S DRAF..U Separate supply draf..n Phase-to-neutral DRAF..P Phase-to-phase 6 | ABB DRAF enclosed direct-on-line starters

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ABB France Low Voltage Products Division 3, rue Jean Perrin F-69687 Chassieu cedex / France ABB STOTZ-KONTAKT GmbH Eppelheimer Strahe 82 D-69123 Heidelberg / Germany Note We reserve the right to make technical changes or modify the contents of this document without prior notice. ABB does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for potential errors or possible lack of information in this document. We reserve all rights in this document and in the subject matter and illustrations contained therein. Any reproduction, disclosure to third parties or utilization of its contents - in whole or in...

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