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YuMi®: Creating an automated future together. You and me.


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YuMi®: Creating an automated future together. You and me. In 1974, ABB introduced the IRB 6 robot and kick-started the modern industrial robotics era. It was the first commercially available industrial robot to feature all-electric drive and microprocessor control. Since then, the form factor and functionality of industrial robots has remained largely the same. We give you YuMi the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot Before YuMi Industrial robots were largely confined to cages Humans and robots worked separately After YuMi Robots and humans can work side by side YuMi literally removes the barriers to collaboration by making it possible to operate without safety fencing and cages Space-saving No need to alter existing working environments With a human-sized profile, YuMi was intentionally designed to resemble its human counterpart. It has a compact body and requires no more space than a standard workstation for humans Inherently safe system of automated small parts assembly Integrated camerabased parts location Integrated collision detection Lightweight materials Dual arms Padding for extra precaution Flexible hands Universal partsfeeding system Eliminated pinch points Built-in, state-of-the-art motion control Reach 162 cm Human-robot collaboration Automating the processes that still require humans to be part of the solution and can’t be fully automated with existing technology. A complete system of collaboration makes for simpler programming, meaning factories don’t need as many engineering resources More efficient and better Automation with minimized safety risks and in compact spaces makes for easier factory installation utilizing existing floor space. Even partial automation of assembly lines results in much faster production Programming so easy anyone could do it With YuMi’s Lead-Through Programming technology, the complexity of traditional programming becomes a thing of the past. In fact, programming is so easy that anyone can do it intuitively – without special training or programming skills Higher quality less waste When humans and robots work together, it often results in surpassing the precision and speed of human-only work, resulting in higher quality products and less waste the nature of work Robots do the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs, allowing people to do the jobs that are less physically demanding. As people increasingly seek more mentally rewarding jobs, collaborative robots simultaneously make workplaces more appealing and replace the manufacturing skills that are disappearing from the workforce

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