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TSC – Torch Service Centre Process equipment Torch Service Centre – Makes your robot welding more effective and accurate Robot welding stations are today a common and well known tool in the industry. The continuous development of robots, welding equipment and work piece positioners has dramatically decreased the cycle time and increased the uptime. The worst load in a robot welding cell has the welding torch. It is exposed for heat, welding spatter and in worst case, collisions.Welding torches are made for such environment but need regulary cleaning, measuring and TCP-definition in order to weld with good quality and accuracy. It consists of two main units – a mechanical torch cleaner and a tool center point definer including a wire cutter. Spatter – a production problem It is impossible to avoid spatter during welding operations. Hot particles from the arc easily adhere into the gas nozzle.The problem is familiar to all welders – a gradual build up of spatter in the nozzle leading to blocked wire feed and absence of shielding gas or short circuiting make the torch useless. Even relatively small amounts of spatter in the gas nozzle affects the operation, giving poor starting and low quality weld as a result. But what is a nuisance to welders becomes a potentially serious problem to welding robots. The Torch Service Centre is an integrated system for mechanically removing spatter from welding torches.The robot control system operates and supervises the cleaning operation to make sure that it will not start until the torch is clamped in the correct position. This ensures that no vibration or shocks reach the robot and the torch is locked in the same position every time for more precise cleaning and less wear on the parts cleaned.The entire cleaning operation is automatic in one sequence, including mechanically cleaning, pneumatic cleaning and finally oil injection into the gas nozzle.

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TSC – Torch Service Centre Process equipment Real customer feed back information tell us that after introducing our automatic Tool Centre Point feature on exiting robot station have gain following benefits: • Better up-time in the robot station, giving more production hours • Improved welding quality, resulting in reduced repair cost to all most zero • As they now can trust the TCP in their robot system, they faster locate other tolerance problems in their own part production. Torch Service Centre – design The mechanical torch cleaning system has a modular design and consists of: • Torch...

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