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IRL 600 Flexlifter 600 - 2 Pages

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IRL 600 Flexlifter 600

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IRL 600 Flexlifter 600: Programmable scissor-lift table The FlexLifter IRL600 is designed to increase the robot working envelope by adding a programmable degree of freedom to the Flextrack IRT501-66 track motion. It is possible to use the unit to position a part tooling in front of the process robots. The unit can be used also as a stand-alone module. High performance The FlexLifter IRL600 integrates a powerful and compact servomotor equipped with a high quality gear, allowing high accelerations & speeds. Modularity The FlexLifter IRL600 is one of the additional axis available for FlexLean, ABB’s concept of modular BiW lines, see ABB BiW Products Range brochure for more information. The Flexlifter can be used also as a stand alone module. Simple concept The FlexLifter IRL600 is based on generic scissor lift table concept. However the hydraulic actuator has been replaced by an Electro-Mechanical Cylinder (EMC), to allow for fast movements and high payloads without the constraints of hydraulic actuators. Using a proven servomotor, the FlexLifter is driven by IRC5 robot controller as a part of ABB robots product range. Ease of use The upper plate of the lifter is adapted to material handling applications. The lower plate of the lifter is designed to adapt directly on FlexTrack IRT501-66 carriage. The FlexLifter movements are programmed like a conventional axis using the robot controller interface.

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Working enveloppe Payload Main Applications Part positioning in Automotive industry, Machine tending, packaging Floor mounted or on Flextrack carrier Dimensions & weight Overall dimensions During storage Automotive bodyshops (dust, fumes, splatters) Data and dimensions may be changed without notice During production Fixing mask FlexLifter 600 850 Curtomers reference TOFAS Dong-Feng Motors

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