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IRC5 - Industrial Robot Controller - 4 Pages

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IRC5 - Industrial Robot Controller

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IRC5 Industrial Robot Controller Based on more than four decades of robotics experience, the IRC5 is the robotic industry’s benchmark in robot controller technology. In addition to ABB’s unique motion control it brings flexibility, safety, modularity, application interfaces, multi-robot control and PC tool support. Safe Operator safety is a leading benefit of the IRC5. It fulfills all relevant regulations and is certified by third party inspectors world wide. predictable way. It supports the majority of all state-of-the-art industrial networks for I/O. Sensor interfaces, remote access and a rich set of programmable interfaces are examples of the IRC5’s many powerful networking features. Electronic position switches and SafeMoveTM represent a new generation of safety, enabling more flexible robotic cell safety concepts, e.g. enabling floor space reduction and collaboration between robot and humans. Programmable All ABB robot systems are programmed with RAPIDTM, ABB’s flexible, high-level programming language. On the surface RAPID’s basic features and functionality are easy to use, but dig deeper and you will find that this programming language allows you to create highly sophisticated solutions. It is a truly universal language on and off the shop floor which supports structured programs, and advanced features. It also incorporates powerful support for the most common robot process applications such as welding and assembly. Fast and accurate The IRC5 gives our robots the ability to perform their tasks in a highly efficient manner. Based on advanced dynamic modelling, the IRC5 automatically optimizes the performance of the robot by reducing cycle times (QuickMoveTM) and providing precise path accuracy (TrueMoveTM). Thanks to ABB’s IRC5 technology, a robot’s motion is predictable and its performance high, with no tuning required by the programmer. What you program is what you get. Reliable The IRC5 is practically maintenance free, and its outstanding quality ensures unmatched up-time. Built-in diagnostic functions help ensure fast recovery and production restarts when operations are interrupted on the factory floor. Compatible No matter where in the world your robot is located, and regardless of what regulatory standards apply, the IRC5 is up to the task. ABB’s controller is compatible with various types of main voltages and can handle a broad spectrum of environmental conditions. IRC5 communicates with other machines in a manufacturing environment; in a safe and The IRC5 also comes equipped with remote monitoring technology, ABB Remote Service. Advanced diagnostics allow quick investigation of failures as well as real-time monitoring of the robot condition throughout its lifecycle; all made to increase your productivity.

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Versions, a cabinet range covering every need. The IRC5 comes in different variants to provide a cost-effective and optimized solutions for every need. IRC5 Single Cabinet Controller Single cabinet MultiMove drive modules Electrical connection Supply Voltage: Single phase Electrical connection Supply voltage: 3 phase 200-600 V, 50-60 Hz Ambient temperature: Relative humidity: Max. 95% non condensing Extended safety options Electronic Position Switches: 5 safe outputs monitoring axis 1-7 Supervision of stand-still, speed, position and orientation (robot and additional axes): 8 safe inputs...

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IRC5 PMC Panel Mounted Controller Control module Drive module small *1) Drive module large *2) Electrical connection Electrical connection Supply voltage: 3 phase 200-600 V, Supply voltage: 3 phase 200-600 V, Relative humidity: Electronic Position Switches: Ambient temperature 5 safe outputs monitoring axis 1-7 Extended safety options: Relative humidity Supervision of stand-still, speed, position and orientation (robot and additional axes) 8 safe inputs for function activation, 8 safe monitoring outputs − Comes without a cabinet − Can be integrated into any enclosure for customization or...

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RobotStudio Online RobotStudio Online is a suite of tablet applications for shop floor operations. Utilizing the familiar and user-friendly nature of tablets, these applications make it easy to perform operations such as calibration, editing programs or jogging. FlexPendant The FlexPendant is characterized by its clean, color touch screenbased design and 3D joystick for intuitive interaction. Powerful support for tailor-made applications, e.g. operator screens. FlexPendant Combined with either an ABB Jokab Safety three position enabling device or a T10 jogging device safety is not...

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