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IRBP i-L/ i-T/ i-A High Load Positioners More and more parts with complex dimensions and heavier payloads are robot welded. As a result, a robot’s working volume and positioner capacity, in terms of load and dimensions, must be increased. ABB offers gantry systems, with up to three external axes and matching positioners, for high payloads and large objects. The new high load positioners offer one-axis manipulation up to 20 tons using head and tailstock geometry. More complex parts can be handled in two axes configurations, either using tilt and turn geometry for loads up to two tons or “A type” for loads up to four tons. If the robot station consists of two zones where each zone is equipped with the same type of positioner, the common drive technology allows for a drive unit set and change of the active positioner. There is also a tailstock option available for two axes positioners using “head and tailstock mode” where the turning axes is used as headstocks. Payload increases because the weight is divided between the two ends. The tailstocks can be fixed or supplied on a frame, where the position can be manually regulated giving the desired distance to the headstock. The positioners, the robot and the gantry form one integrated. Movements are coordinated and all programming is done from the FlexPendant.

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IRBP i-L POSITIONERS IRBP i-L positioners are supplied with a motorized headstock on a frame and a freestanding tailstock. The following types are available: IRBP i-L 1000 Tailstocks, which can be moved manually on a floor-based frame, can be supplied covering lengths between three and 15 meters from the headstock. This is valid for all types with exception for the IRBP i-L 20000. If a tailstock frame is included in the supply, the above diameters are decreased by 400 mm IRBP i-T POSITIONERS IRBP i-T positioners, are ideal for tilting the parts to the desired angle followed by turning the...

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