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IRB 7600 - the Power Robot - 20 Pages

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IRB 7600 - the Power Robot

Catalog excerpts

Introducing a new robot generation

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Power at your fingertips Power. Not a word we take lightly at ABB. To us it equates to a handling capacity of more than 500 kg, a reach of up to 3.5 meters and a unique 3,000 Nm wrist torque. But there´s more to these machines than just strength. Welcome to ABB and the next leap in robotization.

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”Our customers provide the maps. We provide the vehicles.” The quest for new ways to handle heavy work-pieces, grippers and tools is a clear trend in most industries. So is the need for improved robot adaptation to specific production processes. Thorough customer research provided our 200 development engineers with the input needed to begin designing a new range of industrial robots – modular, stronger, sturdier, more adaptable, and even easier to use. The result? More powerful robots with greatly improved productivity. Employing a unique combination of muscle and brains, our new Power...

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Adapted to your process ABB’s new Power Robots are designed to integrate seamlessly with your production process. The compact design and high payload capacity combines with precision handling of heavy work-pieces and tools.

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”Every robot must meet the demands of the market.” ABB is the most experienced robot manufacturer around. Since 1974, we’ve delivered some 100,000 industrial robots to just about every industry. Our customers have faith in us. They expect us to supply a product that meets the exacting demands of their particular application. In return, we guarantee that our robots will perform according to plan. In-house hardware and software development combined with comprehensive simulations, using the latest CAD, modeling and calculation tools, enable us to find the best possible solutions already at the...

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No worries With the launch of our new range, you can be sure that every part and subsystem has been thoroughly tried and tested. The result? Products you can rely on.

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”Our philosophy is simple: Quality throughout.” Quality starts with the tiniest nut and bolt. Our design work is based on the industry’s broadest experience and follows its best practices. We work closely with our trained and certified suppliers. And our verification, prototyping, manufacturing, testing and logistics operate under a program of continuous improvement. In short, the entire supply chain has been optimized to give you superior flexible automation equipment right on time. The rigid cast steel structure is built to withstand high stress and collision forces. Another tried and...

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Active safety With power comes added responsibility. That’s why we’ve added a range of features to protect you and your personnel in the unlikely event of an accident. Ultimately, a safe product is a safe investment – for you and for us.

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”We don’t make excuses. We make sure.” We never sacrifice safety. Instead we’ve introduced active safety based on advanced software. Our motion know-how helps us predict what lies around the corner, enabling the robot to make split-second adjustments for safe, efficient production. We have to be sure that the product is safe. And if we’re confident, then you can be too. Uncontrolled braking STOP Braking on the path with ABB’s Active Brake System Safe braking and quick recovery Collision detection is especially important on robots of this size. Thanks to this feature, collision forces can be...

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Easy to use To us, user-friendliness is so much more than just an aim. It’s a promise. That’s why our new Power robots come with all the hardware and software needed to be up and running as soon as they’re connected.

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”There’s nothing artificial about the intelligence of these machines.” We’re proud to provide you with an automation machine that has all the necessary intelligence to do a great job. Up and running with no fuss. No time consuming tuning operations. All you need to add is your own process know-how. We like to think we’ve made flexible automation as easy as driving a car. High Speed Movement without ESP System High Speed Movement with Electronically Stabilized Path Electronically Stabilized Path Our Power Robots feature new software so smart they can optimize their own performance. Ensuring...

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New horizons Welcome to ABB’s world of flexible automation. Our new generation of industrial robots offers a groundbreaking blend of strength and intelligence. Muscle and brains at your service.

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THP Communication PR10107EN_R1 Oct 2001 / Produced by ABB Robotics, Västerås, Sweden. ABB can significantly improve manufacturing processes through our extensive range of robotic products, systems, and service solutions.

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