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IRB 580 Top Model Functions - Compact Design


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The new IRB 580 Top model functions - compact design

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PRECISION ABB Flexible Automation proudly presents IRB 580, an exciting addition to our line of high precision paint robots. Precision - our commitment to quality Precision has always been our primary goal and the common denominator of our globally renowned paint robots. IRB 580 takes precision painting a step further by combining the advanced functions of the IRB 5400 series with a compact design. The result is a highly flexible, cost-effective and accurate paint robot system, which compliments our 540 and 5400 series with the same relentless commitment to quality that our customers have...

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ABB's Paint Saving Technology: paint solution Accurate paint flow triggering saves paint. An adjustment of points of a program will typical- ABB's unique Integrated Process System features closed loop regulation and high- speed control for paint and airflow adjust- ment. The system ensures a uniform film build with a specified thickness over the entire object. This assures a high finish quality and optimum use of paint material. Significant paint savings The IPS system increases transfer efficiency by synchronising the gun needle and paint flow triggering with the robot arm motion, keeping...

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ABB’s Superior Control Technology: Increased productivity and cost-effectiveness Superior reliability and safety The S4P controller is modular and designed to the highest level of operational reliability. The twin channel safety system is continuously monitored and complies fully with international safety standards. The balanced arm, which has brakes on all axes, improves ease of use and personnel safety. Substantial energy savings Energy consumption is 50 - 70% that of other robot systems, and is achieved by well-balanced robot arms and an optimised drive-train design. Motors and drives...

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LOKOMOTIV - ROTATRY Handling capacity Number of axes Diskette drive Operator panel Programming unit Axis movements Axis 1. Rotation 2. Vertical arm 3. Horizontal arm 4. Inner wrist 5. Wrist bend 6. Outer wrist Pose accuracy Path accuracy In cabinet or external Exi protected. Portable, joystick and keyboard Display 16lines x 40 characters Graphical 240 x 320 pixels Distributed intelligence Configurable on screen menus EMY stop, Enable device, General mode stop, Auto mode stop, Test mode stop, Cabin interlock Electrical safety according to international standards Digital input/output 512/512...

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