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IRB 1660ID - 1

IRB 1660ID – EXTERNAL presentation High performance ID robot for Arc Welding and Machine Tending

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IRB 1660ID - 2

High performance ID robot for Arc Welding and Machine Tending

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IRB 1660ID - 3

IRB 1600ID succeeded by IRB 1660ID IRB 1660ID is a new robot setting a new standard for it´s class IRB 1600ID Arc welding & Machine tending Floor, tilt, inverted Floor, tilt, wall, inverted From dedicated arc welder to general purpose

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IRB 1660ID - 4

Overview Comparison with IRB 2600ID IRB 1660ID Arc welding & Machine tending Arc welding & Machine tending Smaller than IRB 2600ID but even more accurate

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IRB 1660ID - 5

Differentiated value proposition When shorter cycle times, unmatched versatility, and a smaller more powerful wrist matter – ABB’s new IRB 1660ID is the robot of choice. Picture / artwork size: Height = 11.93 cm Width = 15.55 cm

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IRB 1660ID - 6

Key differentiators Up to 10% shorter cycle times Faster re-orientations New high-torque wrist with higher accelerations More agile, compact 135 mm wrist speed Traditional control Unique variable acceleration provides cycle time gain Max possible acceleration at all times QuickMoveTM Cycle time gain

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IRB 1660ID - 7

Up to 10% shorter cycle times in Arc Welding

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IRB 1660ID - 8

Key differentiators Outstanding weld quality  Can handle heavier torches with integrated wire feeder for enhanced wire feed control − Superior and even weld quality in high volume prod. New motion process “Accuracy mode“ can provide 0.05 mm path repeatability in ISO test. TrueMove technology makes the path independent of the speed. “What you program is what you get” − Easy to get a correct and speed-independent path High performance torches and motion control provide perfect welds.

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IRB 1660ID - 9

Key differentiators Safe robot movements enable super-productive high density cells RobotStudio-simulated cell with 4 x IRB 1660ID  Full control over hose package movements − − Shortest possible and predictable cycle times Max speed and acceleration at all times Maximized output Four torches weld close to each other, reducing the heat distortions, providing top quality parts. Safe robot movements and collision detection secures unmatched reliability. Maximized output, top quality parts, unmatched reliability. RobotStudio simulation

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IRB 1660ID - 10

Key differentiators Fast, agile and reliable in Machine Tending IRB 1660ID tending inside a machine with confined space • Fast and reliable movements − Max acceleration without interference from swinging cables. − Eliminated risk for cable collisions in confined spaces. Outstanding agility inside tight machines − 1,390° working range axes 4-6 − Compact 135 mm wrist Maintenance costs cut by more than 50% − IP 67 wrist − Protection of the cablings from cutting fluids − Collision-free movements Fast, reliable, accessible cost-saver

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IRB 1660ID - 11

Key differentiators Simplified online programming  Full control of the hose packages thanks to the ID wrist Faster re-orientations with the compact 135 mm wrist Highly accurate cornering thanks to 0.30 mm TCP re-orientation accuracy (with absolute accuracy option) Easy and precise jogging at your fingertips © ABB September 29, 2016 Movie clip with TCP re-orienta

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IRB 1660ID - 12

Sustainability Lowest power consumption and noise in class Thanks to highly energy efficient drive trains with very low friction:  Power consumption 0,62 kW in the ISO cube with max speed, acceleration and load – best in class! Noise < 70 dB (A) – best in class! Picture / artwork size: Height = 11.93 cm Width = 15

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IRB 1660ID - 13

Technical data The total load is 36 kg

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IRB 1660ID - 14

Technical data ISO test results Application test: Max deviation 0.09 mm at 80 mm/s IRB 1600ID4/1.50 TCP re-orientation accuracy, average

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IRB 1660ID - 15

Arc welding process equipment packages Fronius available, Lincoln soon, others following late 2016

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IRB 1660ID - 16

Up to 10% shorter cycle times. Unrivalled welding quality. Highly productive for machine tending.

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