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IRB 1410 Industrial Robot


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IRB 1410 Industrial Robot - 1

Main Application Arc welding Your best performer The IRB 1410 gives you fast and reliable work cycles that boost productivity. The robot is proven in arc welding applications and provides outstanding performance and value, ensuring short payback times. The robot has a handling capacity of 5kg at the wrist with a unique 18kg additional load for applications equipment on the upper arm . Superior levels of control and path-following ac curacy provide excellent work quality. The ability to adjust process speed and position means you achieve optimum manufacturing accuracy with little or no rejects. IRB 1410 is known for its stiff and robust construction. This translates into low noise levels, long intervals between routine maintenance and long service life. The robot has a large working area and long reach. The compact design, very slim wrist and high performance operation even in difficult and restricted locations. Adapted for arc welding The IRB 1410 has integrated wire feed cabling and mounting holes for optimized assembly of process equipment on the arm. Easy-to-use arc welding functions are included as standard in the IRC5 robot controller are made available via the patented pro gramming and operation interface unit - the FlexPendant.

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IRB 1410 Industrial Robot - 2

Working Range Handling Capacity Number of axes Robot manipulator External devices Integrated signal supply IRC5 Controller variants Single cabinet, Compact Performance Position repeatability Movements Max. TCP velocity 0.05 mm (average result from ISO test) IRB 1410 Continuous rotation of axis 6 Electrical Connections Supply voltage Rated power, Transformer rating 4 kVA/7.8 kVA with external axes Physical Robot mounting Dimensions Robot base Weight Robot Environment Ambient temperature Robot unit Relative humidity Class D (dry) for welding, machining etc. Noise level Clean room Class 100 US...

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