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IRB 1100

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ABB ROBOTICS IRB 1100 Product Management, ABB Robotics September 2018    || ||

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Overview Features Advantages and benefits Targeted industry Main dimensions Outline manipulator Easy integration Specifications OmniCore™ Controller Targeted applications Summary

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— Overview Differentiated Value Proposition Further expanding ABB’s small robot portfolio, IRB 1100 provides 35% increased productivity and up to 10% space savings. Carry More, Move Faster and Act More Precisely While Taking Less Working Space

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Reach (mm) Payload (kg) Position repeatability (mm) Protection

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Advantages and benefitsSmaller and yet perform better Advantages The highest payload in the classl The best repeatability in the class1 Over 35% faster cycle times2 Over 10% smaller footprint and slimmer body2 Over 20% weight reduction because of new design2 Over 50% more I/O2 IP40 and Clean Room support3 1500/600mm reach I Slide 5    2Compared with IRB120 Benefits Flexibility & productivity within very limited space Running the most accurate manufacturing process given very limited space Handling heavier operations with more complex tool or end effector Up to 16 I/Os for more sophisticated...

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— Targeted industry Automotive, electronics and other general industries Automotive Others (General Industries)

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— Main dimensions Working Range IRB 1100 – 4/0.475

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— Outline manipulator IRB 1100-4/0.475 vs IRB 1100-4/0.58 Front view Side view

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— Outline manipulator Calibration Axis 1

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— Easy integration Customer interfaces A.

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— Easy integration Underlying connections A. C. Ethernet D. Break Release

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— Easy integration Mounting interfaces IRB 1100

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Robot version Reach (mm)    Payload (kg) Armload (kg) Performance (according to ISO 9283) 1 kg picking cycle 25 x 300 x 25mm    0.42 s Position repeatability    TBC Mounting    Any angle Controller    OmniCore Integrated    8 signals on wrist signal and power supply Integrated    4 air outer arm (5 Bar) air supply Integrated    1 Gbit/s port Technical information, physical Dimensions robot base    160 x 160 mm ©ABB S*p'ember 25'    I Slide 15 Optional

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The first offering from ABB's new era of flexible, intelligent and tailored solutions A impressive range of controllers to deliver the ideal solution for every need Designed for the rigorous performance and reliability needed to support 24/7 production of high-mix, low-volume products in shorter product cycles Significant size reduction for installation space savings. With the same superior precision, cycle times and speed that ABB is renowned for the new controllers can tackle the toughest challenges Fast time to market Smaller High throughput The ABB Ability™ for the connected “Factory of...

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IRB 1100's position Loading & Unloading Assembly & Testing 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15

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Outstanding Performance Without Space Headaches Be More Productive with Less Space Flexibility & productivity within very limited space Running the most accurate manufacturing process given very limited space Handling heavier operations with more complex tool or end effector Up to 16 I/Os for more sophisticated applications

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