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FlexArc - Robotic Arc Welding Cells - 2 Pages

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FlexArc - Robotic Arc Welding Cells

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ABB, s.r.o. Stetkova 1638/18 140 00 Praha 4 E-mail: FlexArc® – Robotic Arc-Welding Cells Modular solutions to meet your requirements Standard configuration Optional configuration Platform, Fencing with the torch service window, service door, robots, pedestals, positioner, controller, power distribution panel Welding power source Welding torch Operator panel Safety equipment PNOZ Multi including Vertical Light Curtains Robot IRB 1600, 1600 ID, 2600, 2600 ID, 4600 Welding power sources According to end-user requirements Welding torches According to end-user requirements Software FlexPendant - Graphical User Interface for operators Welding error handler Production monitoring Production manager Navigator Others PLC, OP Panels Manual Jog Full Air and Gas distribution panel Full floor coverage Programming platform Safety Horizontal light curtains Roll-down door, Two-Hand control Tool service Service center for torches Torch cleaner BullsEye®: TCP calibration Wire cutter Seam Finding SmarTac, WeldGuide III Fume extraction hoods Coverage of welding station only Coverage of welding station and load/unload station

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A new dimension in Robotic Arc Welding V ir tual Flex A rc: The ultimate productivit y tooll Cells based on R-type positioners FlexArc R-300 R-600 R-1000 Version Single/Multi Single/Multi Single/Multi Positioner IRBP R-300 IRBP R-600 IRBP R-1000 Distance in mm (between head and talistock) 1600 2000 2000 Station footprint (L x W x H) with a light curtain 6300 x 2800 x 2200 6800 x 3500 x 2200 6800 x 3500 x 2200 Station footprint (L x W x H) with a roll-down door 5300 x 2800 x 2200 5600 x 3500 x 2200 5600 x 3500 x 2200 Station footprint (L x W x H) with a light curtain 5600 x 4200-5700 x 2200...

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