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Extend your robot’s horizon Because we’re driven by our customers’ needs, we develop technologies to give you reliability and fast working cycles. An external axis added to the robot is one of the parts of the puzzle. The ABB 7th axis is an additional external axis integrated to the robot wrist which transports the part from press to press mantaining the orientation of the part and following the optimal, natural path. The interpress distance can be considerably reduced and production output increased. Unlike most existing products, the ABB external axis does not consists of a simple translation from the 6th axis of the robot, but a real coordinated additional axis which maximizes your robot versatility at minimum cost. When it comes to the operator and handling simplicity, the ABB 7th axis delivers greater programmable freedom. All movements are programmed from the robot teach pendant, ensuring smooth, simple operation. ABB 7th axis is designed to assure the reliable and effective utilization of a robot’s capacity, to maximize the value of your automation investment. Its robust design offers excellent operating reliability, long life, and high automation precision. The ABB motor unit is used for this specific peripheral equipment because of the need of servo operated motors that are abolutely synchronized with the movements of the robot. We provide you with solutions, helping you to increase production. By means of the 7th axis, you could achieve a substantial and quantifiable increase in your throughput. Improved cicle times are demostrable by either our lab tests or by real project measures. However, in the race to stay ahead, we never compromise on safety. Extensive checks including deflection, accuracy, repeatibility and belt stabilisation are performed. Adding the 7th axis to your robot also brings advantages to the tooling. No central boom is needed anymore , so only end-of-tool is replaced when preparing new production. For customers who want to change automated th production as fast as possible, the 7 axis performs equally or better than conventional tooling systems with central booms. Tool changing can be handled automatically by the robot within the working area. Just as you can rely totally on our robots, you can rely totally on the new ABB 7th axis.

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7th axis Robot Peripherals The Process Thanks to our 7th axis, the robot keeps the orientation of the part when trasferring the part from one press to the other. Obviously, this entails important reductions in both the inside-press times and also in the inside-press overlaping between loading and unloading robots. Technical Data Total length (mm) Center to Center length (mm) Width (mm) Base depth (mm) Extension depth (mm) Weight (Kg) Material Motor unit for external axis Increases in production rates are the result of both the effect of mantaining the orientation of the part and also from...

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