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Motor protection and control REM620 The REM620 is a dedicated motor IED perfectly aligned for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of asynchronous motors in manufacturing and process industry. REM620 is a member of ABB’s Relion® product family and a part of its 620 series products. The 620 series IEDs are characterized by flexibility and performance for demanding utility distribution and industrial applications. Engineered from the ground up, the 620 series has been designed to unleash the full potential of the IEC 61850 standard for communication and interoperability between substation automation devices. Unique REM620 ANSI features −− Six setting groups −− Drawout design −− High-speed (< 1 ms) outputs −− Normally-closed output for motor contactors −− Dedicated machine-run-time timers −− Motor differential protection − − Up to 14 RTD inputs −− Up to 5 mA inputs −− Loss-of-load supervision −− Arc flash detection (AFD) −− Thermal overload protection of motor −− Ring-lug terminals for all inputs and outputs −− Large, easy to read LCD screen − − Programmable push-buttons −− Environmentally friendly design with RoHS compliance Application The REM620 constitutes main protection for asynchronous motors and their drives in manufacturing and process industry. Typically, the motor relay is used with circuit breaker or contactor controlled HV motors, and contactor controlled medium sized and large LV motors in a variety of drives, such as pumps and conveyors, crushers and choppers, mixers and agitators, fans, and aerators. Flexible coding allows for choosing from different confi gurations to best fit your motor application needs. Protection and control REM620 offers all the functionality needed to manage motor starts and normal drive operations, including protection and fault clearance in abnormal situations. The main features of the motor relay include thermal overload protection, motor start-up time supervision, locked rotor protection, and protection against too frequent motor starts. Additionally, differential protection can also be included. Furthermore, the relay offers negative phase sequence current unbalance protection, motor running stall protection, loss-of-load supervision, phase-reversal protection, and a provision to perform a forced emergency start. REM620 also incorporates non-directional and directional ground-fault protection, back-up overcurrent protection, three phase undervoltage protection, and negative phase sequence overvoltage, and positive sequence undervoltage protection. Enhanced with an optional plug-in card, REM620 offers a fast three channel arc-fault protection system for arc flash supervision of the switchgear compartments. REM620 also integrates basic control functionality, which facilitates the control of one circuit breaker via the front panel HMI or through remote controls. To protect the relay from unauthorized access and to maintain the integrity of information, the relay has been provided with a four-level, role-based, user authentication system. The access control system applies to the front panel HMI, the embedded web browser based HMI, and the PCM600, Protection and Control IED Manager. front panel HMI, the web browser based HMI and the PCM600 Protection and Control Relay Manager. Standardized communication REM620 genuinely supports the new IEC 61850 standard for inter-device communication in substations. It also supports the industry standard Modbus® and DNP3 protocols. For accurate time stamping, REM620 supports synchronization

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Pre-emptive condition monitoring For continuous knowledge of the operational availability of the REM620 features, a comprehensive set of monitoring functions to supervise the relay health, the trip circuit, and the circuit breaker health is included. The breaker monitoring can include checking the wear and tear of the circuit breaker, the spring charging time of the breaker operating mechanism, and the gas pressure of the breaker chambers. The relay also monitors the breaker travel time and the number of circuit breaker operations to provide basic information for scheduling breaker...

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1 REM620 Firmware version 2.1 must be selected 2 May not be combined with Arc Flash Detection (AFD) option 3 Front port included, rear port optional Analog inputs - Three phase currents: 5/1 A programmable - Ground current: 5/1 A programmable - Rated frequency: 60/50 Hz programmable - Three-phase and ground voltages: programmable nominal secondary voltage - Twelve RTD inputs standard - Additional RTD inputs available as an option - Four mA inputs standard Binary inputs and outputs - Eight binary inputs standard - Ten binary outputs available as standard - One Form C self-check alarm output...

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