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Load-shedding controller

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Compact load-shedding solution for industrial power networks PML630 is a power management IED which prevents disturbance-related blackouts and power outages in industrial power plants through its extensive loadshedding functionality. PML630 is a member of ABB’s Relion® product family and part of its 630 product series, which is characterized by functional scalability and flexible configurability. PML630 complies with the IEC 61850 standard and offers seamless connectivity with other Relion 615, 620 and 630 series IEDs, RIO600 I/O units and COM600, using GOOSE and MMS communication profiles...

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Load-shedding controller PLM630 - 3

and power capacity information from an external system regarding generators Initiates power balance calculations on activation of a critical signal (also called contingency) such as: − − Opening of a generator or grid transformer feeder circuit breaker − − Opening of a bus coupler feeder or tie line (network) circuit breaker − − Lockout of any protection function of the above listed feeders − − Lockout of a generator turbine protection function −− Any user-configured external event, based on projectspecific requirements such as the rate of frequency decay Uses the actual measured power from...

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Load-shedding controller PLM630 - 4

Blocking can also be initiated manually either via the local or Web HMI of the PML630 or COM600. Load feeder inhibition for load-shedding A load feeder can be disabled for load-shedding through: −− An operator action − − A system action when the load feeder IED loses communication with PML630 − − Any external signal or event, such as trip-circuit supervision failure Communication PML630 supports the IEC 61850 standard for communication in substations. Using GOOSE communication profiles for load-shedding has the following advantages: − − Substation LAN infrastructure for binary and analog...

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Load-shedding controller PLM630 - 5

− − Load-shedding display configuration for COM600 − − Generation of channel allocation of the RIO600 I/O modules in PDF format − − Generation of the list of IEDs involved in load-shedding in Excel format Performance In Configuration A, the end-to-end performance (from tripping of the power source to initiation of a load-shedding command to a load feeder) is achieved within 60ms. In addition to supporting standard IED parameters, easy engineering of load feeder IEDs to implement the loadshedding functionality is also supported. In Configuration B, the load-shedding action in power network...

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Load-shedding controller PLM630 - 6

External systems Generator data Load Shedding data Load Shedding control Load shedding inputs REF620 Load shedding Load shedding 6 Load shedding controller | PML630

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Load-shedding controller PLM630 - 7

IEC 61850 communication MMS prole - for load shedding display data and function control Engineering and conguration - Optimized with Relion 630, 620 and 615 series, RIO600 and COM600 Web HMI Disturbance records - analog recording - non-volatile - post triggering of load shedding function Disturbance records n Disturbance records 2 10:23:45 Disturbance records 1 IEC 61850 communication GOOSE prole - for load shedding functionality processing input data and shed commands - data exchange with peer PML630 IEDs - for load-shedding data and control information from external systems Control...

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For more information see PML630 Product Guide

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