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Cheese Making Equipment Dairy Equipment Fruit Processing Special Equipments

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“Living means thinking and acting - Thinking and

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Engineering consultants for special solutions acting means changing and making a difference.” A·S·T·A eismann faces changes every day. The requests of our customers challenge us, and force us to rethink concepts. The effective implementation in partnership with our customers is core to our success. In A·S·T·A eismann GmbH we work in a team: this means both our customers and our staff. For us, sustainability is more than just a word. The A·S·T·A eismann equipments are manufactured with high-quality materials and are designed to be userfriendly and durable, and energy efficiency is calculated...

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A·S·T·A eismann – A strong team We are an engineering consulting firm for special solutions in the food processing sector. For more than 25 years, a team of highly committed engineers and technicians has been developing tailor-made solutions for big and small customers - all over the world. We value highly team work in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Besides the conventional engineering competence, every member of the A·S·T·A eismann team has specialized, over the years, in their own area. On this basis, we are able to make use of our broad experience and to have access to up-to-date...

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Special is ... normal to us As international engineering consultants we plan, Our special equipments for food processing plants design, develop, project and manufacture machinery can deliver exactly the machinery/facilities that will for the food production sector. Our work has led to    meet customers’ preferences, their projected growth the development of a number of core activities. Our    and the local situation. Each idea becomes a tailor- technical team works mainly in the following areas:    made reality: perfectly suited to a particular situation - efficient and durable. Cheese...

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Cheese Making Equipment Cheese is our passion! As a result of many years of experience, we can support our customers during the planning phase and eventually choose the most suitable product out of our comprehensive product catalogue for hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, semi-soft cheese, or soft cheese

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Milk is our strength Milk is a delicate, precious raw material, and an important component in our diet. To preserve its nutritional value, it should be treated very carefully along all the processing steps. Our many years of experience as engineering consultants for the food production sector put us in a position to offer a wide range of dairy equipment. During the planning phase, our constructing engineers adopt the latest scientific findings and consider legal requirements. We always focus on customers’ needs and their particular situation! On-Farm Cheese Making Milk Processing Curdled...

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Fruit Processing The best for the fruit For fruit preparations, jams, etc. A·S·T·A eismann GmbH supplies pressurevessels, vacuum cooling vessels, in-line cutters, rotation disk filters (cherrystone filters) for the separation of fruit stones, mixing units for fast dispersion of pectin, magnetic separators, and sorting, transport and loading equipment for fruits. Cooking vessel Handling and Preparation Systems

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Special Equipment Products made to measure As engineering consultants, the A-S-T-A eismann team is in charge of special developments in many different areas of the food production sector. Here, we would like to present to you some of our activities. Tofu Mixing and Processing Vessels Storage Tanks Cleaning Systems Transferring / Filling / Dosing CIP-Systems Sampling

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Your engineering consultant team for tailor-made services in the food processing sector. Whether your concern is large or small, we will always be your partners in providing effective solutions

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