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WDB1 Bearing Temperature Sensors

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Product Information For use on any application where bearing temperature monitoring is required. METHOD OF OPERATION The WDB 1 series bearing sensors are designed to screw directly into a bearing housing. Each sensor is fitted with a grease zerk to allow lubrication of the bearing without the need for removal of the sensor. The WDB1 series have a 1/8” NPT thread. Three versions are available; an NTC thermistor or platinum RTD type for continuous temperature monitoring, and a PTC thermistor model with the following trip points (specify when ordering): 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C. The sensor is supplied with a three meter attached cable and can be connected to a PLC or to a hazard monitoring system, such as 4B's T500 Hotbus Elite, Watchdog Elite, or T400 Elite. The connections are not polarity sensitive therefore special connection requirements are eliminated, and the cable can be extended in the field. FEATURES ► Screw in Positive Mount Installation ► Grease Zerk for Bearing Lubrication    WDB1 Series Bearing Sensor ► NTC Version - Continuous Temperature    (ATEX / IECEx Approved) ► PT100 Version - Platinum RTD ► PTC Version - Trip Points from 50°C to 90°C ► ATEX and IECEx Zone 20 Approved Detailed specification, wiring diagrams and installation/operating instructions available upon request. Part Number

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Product Information Bearing Temperature Sensors Sensor with Grease Zerk Sensor Installed on Conveyor Bearing Installation of Bearing Temperature Sensor Example of Bearing Failure TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS WDB1 Series Bearing Temperature Sensors NTC Sensors Resistance at 25°C: 10,000 Ohms Resistance at 60°C: 2,487 Ohms Resistance at 90°C: 916 Ohms Sensing Voltage: 5 to 24 VDC 1 mA Current Draw: PTC Sensors Resistance at 60°C: ≤ 250 Ohms Resistance at Trip Point: ≥ 2,000 Ohms Sensing Voltage: 5 to 25 VDC Current Draw: 20 mA PT100 Sensors Resistance at 0°C: 100 Ohms Resistance at 100°C: 138.4...

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