WDA3 - New alignment sensor for bucket elevators - 2 Pages

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WDA3 - New alignment sensor for bucket elevators

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Product Information WDA Sensor High Power Extended Range Magnetic Proximity Sensor APPLICATION Non-contacting extended range magnetic proximity sensor, not affected by dust or material build up, used to detect moving ferrous material up to 75mm away from the sensor. METHOD OF OPERATION The WDA sensor is designed for use with bucket elevators to detect the buckets in order to measure speed and alignment. It can also detect screw conveyor flights, and ferrous bolts when attached to non-ferrous buckets. A more specialized use of the WDA sensor is for broken/slack chain detection. The sensor is used in conjunction with a PLC or with 4B's Watchdog™ Elite or A400 Elite control units. Two output signals are provided: one signal is a pulse output, representing each bucket detected: the second signal is a continuous output when moving buckets are detected. FEATURES ► Adjustable Sensing Range 25mm to 75 mm ► LED Indication ► Mounting Bracket Included ► ½” NTP Conduit Entry ► Stainless Steel Construction ► High Temperature Version Available ► IP66 Protection PART NUMBERS/ACCESSORIES ► WDA3V34CAI WDA Standard Sensor ► HTAS1V34 WDA High Temperature Sensor ► WDAMB Sensor Mount (Included with Sensor) ► AS62 Abrasion Shield 4B COMPATIBLE MONITORING SYSTEMS ► WDC3NV46CAI Watchdog Elite Monitoring System ► A4004V46CAI A400 Elite Monitoring System WDA High Temperature Sensor with Remote Electronic Box Detailed specification, wiring diagrams and installation/operating instructions available upon request. Please refer to instruction manual for correct installation. Information subject to change or correction. Feb 2013

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Product Information 3m Long Cable 6 x 22AWG Conductors 5.5mm Overall Jacket Diameter Sensing Range Control All Dimensions in mm TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Connect the WDA sensor to the Watchdog Elite or A400 Elite digital monitoring systems for conveyors or bucket elevators. The WDA sensor can also be connected directly to a motor starter circuit or PLC. WDA Sensor - Extended Range Magnetic Proximity Sensor Detection Range (2.5mm Target) Detection Rate: Cable: Conduit Entry: WDA3V34AI 12-24 VDC ± 10% 65 mA Green (Flashing) - Target Detected Green (Off) - No Target Detected 100 mA Sink (Pull)...

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