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Ref 70 Bolt™ ISO grade 5.8 steel exceeds DIN 15237 Concave head with 4 lugs on the underside to prevent rotation when tightening Available in BSW thread or metric thread 0C Supplied zinc plated and clear passivated Available in low carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel Bolt torque rating dependent on bucket type and belt size Use with special Large Oval Washers in heavy duty applications Ref 70 Bolt Manufactured Sizes and Lengths Bolt, hex nut, small washer (boxed/100) - Weight KG/100 * Available in stainless steel Ref 70 Bolt Installation Guide ► Steel buckets with recessed holes install with domed washer ► Plastic buckets and steel buckets with flat holes install with fender washer ► Belt types, strengths and thickness affect the torque required to assemble the belts - allowance for this should always be considered ► The bolt should be tightened so the head of the bolt is just below the top cover of the belt (where possible). This ensures that the head pulley drives against the belt and not the bolts ► If you have any queries please contact our technical team at or call+44(0) 113246 1800 . Information subject to change or correction. Aug 2017

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BRAIME Product Information Large Oval Washer SfTTfR $V OfSICW Large Oval Washer Use with Ref 70 bolts in heavy duty applications Locates over 4 lugs on bolt head, increasing effective bolt head size and bolt holding Belt must be thick enough to absorb the washer and/or the bucket belt holes should be recessed Recommended for pulley diameters of 20” (500mm) and above Suitable for installations with Ref 70 bolts only Fit the longest part of the oval across the belt width Available in low carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel Washers to be installed as shown in order to minimise belt...

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