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4B Elevator Belting

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4B GROUP A Worldwide Manufacturer of High Quality, Technologically Advanced Material Handling & Electronic Components

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BELT SELECTION GUIDE ELEVATOR BELTING Elevator Belt EP SBR -Low stretch 4B Standard NBR Elevator Belt EP NBR -Low stretch Products without oil or fat. Products with oil or fat. For very abrasive materials use 2+2mm covers. The materials used in the construction of the standard SBR and NBR belting have been designed to suit the particular demands of an elevator belt: > Greater strength and bolt holding achieved with fewer plies > Greater strength with less belt weight > Increased belt strength with fewer plies permits the use of smaller pulley diameters > No belt rot - the textile carcass is...

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NBR - LOW STRETCH ELEVATOR BELT |0& LOW STRETCH ELEVATOR BELTING - ABRASION RESISTANT LOW STRETCH ELEVATOR BELTING - OIL RESISTANT 4B elevator belting is of laminar construction, to give high impact resistance coupled with low stretch at working tension. The EP carcass comprises a woven textile construction having low stretch polyester fabric warp (along its length) and impact resistant polyamide fabric weft (across the width). The low stretch characteristics of the belt are achieved using the high strength textile fabric which is pre-tensioned during the manufacturing process. This process...

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FRASOR - ISO 340/284 |0& ISO 340/284 NBR+K - FLAME RETARDANT, ANTI STATIC AND HIGHLY OIL RESISTANT BELT ISO 340/284 FRASOR - FLAME RETARDANT, ANTI-STATIC AND OIL RESISTANT BELT Suitable for use in ATEX applications. Recommended for use in equipment / installations where there is a risk of fire or explosion. > Suitable for handling products with more aggressive oil content such as rape seed Covers > Polyester fabric warp and polyamide fabric weft plies (EP) separated by 0.3mm thick synthetic rubber layers Standard Suitable for use in ATEX applications. Recommended for use in equipment /...

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HOT OIL - HOT OIL / FIRE RESISTANT ISO 340/284 |0& HIGH HEAT BELT HOT OIL AND FIRE RESISTANT BELT > Product Norm: DIN 22102 ETY > E = anti-static DIN 22104 > T = heat resistant up to 150°C, EPDM covers and plies resistant to mineral oils at low temperatures, resistant to acids and lyes in low concentrations > Y = good abrasion resistance according to IN 53516 > Elongation at maximum recommended working load 2.5% at high temperatures Temperature Range > -20°C to +150°C Suitable for use in ATEX applications. This special belt offers resistance to the combination of fats and oils and higher...

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FDA-FRASOR - WHITE FOOD QUALITY BELT (EPK) |0& NBR - WHITE NITRILE - FDA FRASOR - ISO 340/284 - FDA This belt quality has good oil and fat resistance and meets the requirements for components in contact with food stuffs. Used widely with rice processing, flour mills, dry milk products, salt, sugar and detergents etc. > FDA Approved > Highly Oil Resistant (NBR) covers > FDA Approved > Flame Retardant ISO340 > Suitable for ATEX- applications > Antistatic ISO284 > Moderately Oil Resistant (MOR) covers Technical Specifications Temperature Range > Constructed with Polyester/ > -20°C to +100°C...

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SJ BUCKETS / BC CLAMP/ STEEL WEB BELT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS For tall, high tonnage industrial elevators. Steel cord keeps belt stretch to a minimum. > Strength - up to 2,500 kN/m > Covers 3 + 3 or 4 + 4 > Elongation at maximum working load 0.5% > Temperature resistant up to 130'C continuous > Anti static > Bolt holes to customer specification The 4B Steel Web Belt is a rubber elevator belt with a special steel cord core. The cords provide low elongation with high elasticity in the length, and cross rigidity in the width. The built-in elasticity allows running over slightly crowned...

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HEAVY DUTY ELEVATOR BELT FASTENER SUPERGRIP SYSTEM The Braime Clamp (BC) series of heavy-duty belt splices securely fastens belting on larger bucket elevators. As the originator of this proven style of belt clamp, 4B designed it from three pieces of extruded aluminum including a center wedge section to minimize belt wear. The Supergrip belt fastener secures belting on bucket elevators. The two ends of the belt are gripped between extruded steel plates, clamped together by zinc plated high tensile bolts and self-locking nuts. Each assembly comprises 2 half joints, high tensile bolt &...

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VISE SPLICE |0& LIGHT DUTY ELEVATOR BELT FASTENER MECHANICAL ELEVATOR BELT SPLICES min The Gripwell light duty aluminum fastener secures belting on bucket elevators. The two ends of the belt are gripped between extruded serrated plates, clamped together by zinc plated high tensile bolts, safely secured by plated self-locking nuts to give a strong reliable and rustproof fastener. The Gripwell forms a butt joint, the belt runs smoothly over the pulley with minimum stress to the joint and no relative movement can take place between the two belt ends, as is the case when an overlapping joint...

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DESIGN & ENGINEERING SERVICES ALSO IN THE 4B RANGE ASK FOR OUR CATALOGUES BUCKET ELEVATOR PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS MATERIAL HANDLING COMPONENTS ELEVATOR BUCKETS DESIGN & ENGINEERING SERVICE Calculate Horsepower and Shaft Diameter Requirements Recommend Shaft / Belt Speeds Provide Solutions for Hazard Monitoring Compliance HAZARD MONITORS Pressed seamless steel, stainless steel and welded steel High density polyethyene, nylon and polyurethane For agricultural and industrial applications An extensive range of ATEX / IECEx / CSA approved hazard monitoring systems specifically designed for bucket...

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4B catalogues also available: Chevron-right• Bolts & Fasteners Elevator Buckets Forged Chains 4B Braime Components Headquarters Hunslet Road Leeds, LS10 1JZ, UK Tel: +44 (0) 113 246 1800 Email: 4b-uk@go4b.com 4B Africa 14 Newport Business Park Mica Drive Kya Sand 2163 Johannesburg South Africa Tel: +27 (0) 11 708 6114 Email: 4b-africa@go4b.com 625 Erie Avenue Morton IL 61550, USA F1, Building 5A, 8 West Lake Road, Wujin High & New Technology Development Zone, Changzhou 213164, Jiangsu Province, China 9 Route de Corbie 80800 Lamotte Warfusée, France Tel: 309-698-5611 4B Asia Pacific Build...

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