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4B Electronic Hazard Monitoring Systems & Level Indicators

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4B GROUP A Worldwide Manufacturer of High Quality, Technologically Advanced Material Handling & Electronic Components

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4B - HAZARD MONITORING & EXPLOSION PREVENTION SENSOR APPLICATIONS Preventative maintenance can help reduce the risk of equipment failure and consequent downtimes. When it comes to monitoring your bucket elevators and belt conveyors, 4B can recommend you the ideal combination of sensors and monitoring systems to suit your requirements and budget. These illustrations show typical sensor placements for monitoring: speed, motion, bearing & surface temperature, belt alignment, level / plug indication and slack chain detection. Bucket Elevator 4B provides an extensive range of their own ATEX /...

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HAZARD MONITORING SYSTEMS |0& COMBINED MONITORING SYSTEMS COMBINED MONITORING SYSTEMS PRODUCT WATCHDOG SUPER ELITE™ Bearing temperature Belt speed Belt alignment Plugged condition Pulley alignment Communication interfaces Test function Alarm & shutdown function Applications Hazardmon.com (Cloud based hazard monitoring) Certifications * total number of inputs / sensors, all sensors combined. check (continuous) max. 6 sensors + 2 ambient temp. sensors check (continuous) max. 2 inputs -Differential speed monitoring check Pulses / Contact / Rub* Blocks 4 inputs check check Ethernet with Modbus...

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HAZARD MONITORING SYSTEMS COMBINED MONITORING SYSTEMS T500 ELITE - HOTBUS Serial network system for continuous monitoring of bearing temperature, belt misalignment, and more The T500 Elite - Hotbus™ is a serial communication system specially designed to monitor up to 256 sensors, including continuous bearing temperature and belt misalignment. With automatic machine shutdown capability and PLC/PC compatibility this advanced microprocessor based system offers low cost installation, versatility and easy system expansion. ACCESSORIES HazardMon.com® HazardMon.com® is a secure cloud based hazard...

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HAZARD MONITORING SYSTEMS |0& TEMPERATURE MONITORING BELT ALIGNMENT MONITORING ALIGNMENT MONITOR Conveyor or bucket elevator belt alignment monitoring system ALIGNMENT MONITOR Bucket elevator belt alignment monitoring system The T400N Elite Hotswitch is a microprocessor controlled temperature monitor, which works in conjunction with NTC temperature sensors to monitor up to 8 bearings and can provide an alarm and automatic shutdown when a high bearing temperature condition is detected. The T400 Elite Hotswitch is a microprocessor controlled temperature monitor, which works in conjunction...

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MISALIGNMENT SENSORS MISALIGNMENT SENSORS SAFETY SWITCHES |0& BELT MISALIGNMENT MONITORS BELT ALIGNMENT & RIP DETECTORS    CONVEYOR SAFETY STOP SWITCH TOUCHSWITCH WDA HIGH POWER SENSOR Touchswitch Belt/pulley misalignment sensor The Touchswitch is an electro-mechanical limit switch with no moving parts, that detects the misalignment of both pulleys and belts in conveyors and bucket elevators. The sensor detects the lateral force of the belt or pulley and activates a volt-free solid state relay. Sensor output can be used to activate an alarm or shutdown the machine. The sensors are normally...

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ACCESSORIES SPEED SWITCHES WHIRLIGIG Whirligig® (Patented) Stopped motion monitor The Stopswitch is a straightforward shaft speed monitoring device. The 2-wire technology saves you time and makes installation hassle-free. If the shaft stops rotating, the Stopswitch will provide an output. It requires no calibration to operate and is a great tool for process control, motion verification and stopped shaft indication. Intelligent underspeed switch 2 or 5-wire version available User friendly and easy to install, the Slipswitch is a simple shaft speed monitoring device. Available in 2-wire and...

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INDUCTIVE SENSORS ACCESSORIES INDUCTIVE SENSORS WHIRLIGIG ROTECH ENCODERS P100 INDUCTIVE SENSOR P300 INDUCTIVE SENSOR Whirligig® (Patented) The 4B heavy duty Rotech rotary shaft encoders are used primarily for protecting equipment and personnel from dangerous underspeed/belt slip conditions in extreme environments. Other applications include accurate speed control, direction of rotation detection, gate position indication and counting the number of revolutions of the shaft. POLYPROPYLENE ALUMINIUM SHAFT ENCODER SHAFT ENCODER STAINLESS WHEEL STEEL ENCODER ENCODER MagCon™ Magnetic...

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BEARING TEMPERATURE SENSORS |P5 ADB BEARING SENSOR TESTER BEARING TEMPERATURE SENSORSBEARING TEMPERATURE SENSORS For more detailed product information, please visit: www.go4b.com Features    Features The ADB Sensor Tester has been designed to test 4B adjustable depth bearing (ADB) temperature sensors in the field. This hand held test unit features an integrated heating block specifically designed to have a 4B ADB sensor directly inserted. With integral controls and temperature display, the unit heats the sensor to the desired trip point, and allows quick and easy real life testing of...

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LEVEL INDICATORS ACCESSORIES AUTO-SET AUTO-SET™ REMOTE LEVEL INDICATORS A user friendly, reliable point level indicator for bulk granular solids, powders and liquids. Digital display, push-button calibration and material build-up compensator make this unit the elite point level sensor. A user friendly, reliable point level indicator for bulk granular solids or powders where there is high vibration and/or temperature involved. Remote electronic display/control unit allows for remote calibration/set-up away from vibration or heat. BINSWITCH    RLI ATS8 & EXTENDED POWER SHIELD AUTO-SET™ REMOTE...

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4B COMMISSIONING JUNCTION BOXES SERVICE BROKEN OR SLACK CHAIN JUNCTION BOXES After 4B products have been installed by a qualified electrician, 4B’s commissioning service is available to inspect and certify proper installation of our sensors and control units prior to operation. A brief overview of the service is listed below - OPTION 1 > Sensor Detecting Bolt Installed on the Paddle MONITORING FOR DRAG CHAIN CONVEYORS D5M INLINE JUNCTION BOX Under normal running conditions, the target bolt passes through the sensor’s field and a pulse is sent to the speed relay. If the chain becomes slack,...

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