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Voltage Range fej±;!iz[5l 12 & 24V dc ( 240V also available ) Power Output Range 40 - 100 W Speed Range ffSIEH up to 10,000 rpm Operational Temperature JUfESJS -20°C - +40°C Insulation Class F ( consult us for class B ) Bear Type High quality ball bearings Housing Type Closed ( ventilated also available ) Performance Data Part Number !!■§• Voltage fell Rated Power Rated Speed ijEiSEjfiS Rated Torque ISStl® Rated Current SSSfe;* No load Speed SStltiS Length iSS Dimensions in mm General Specification Voltage Range ®J±5bHI Power Output Range Speed Range ftiSISH Operational Temperature Insulation Class Bear Type Housing Type Performance Data Part Number Voltage iU5 Rated Power S55Eljl$ Rated Speed ill Rated Torque Rated Current IjiiSifeliTt No load Speed Length -JSlS 12 & 24V dc ( 48V also available ) 90 - 150 W up to 9,000 rpm -20*0 - +40*0 F ( consult us for class B ) High quality ball bearings Closed ( ventilated also available )

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