brushless motor / three-phase / 8-pole 80BSA Series


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brushless motor / three-phase / 8-pole 80BSA Series - 1

Brushless DC Motors  无刷直流电机 General Specification Winding type 绕组连续方式 Hall effect angle 霍尔分布角度 Radial play 径向间隙 End play 轴向间隙 Max. radial force 径向最大承受力 Max. axial force 轴向最大承受力 Insulation class 绝缘等级 Dielectric strength 介电强度 Insulation resistance 绝缘电阻 YWE 120 Deg. Electrical angle 0.02mm /460g 0.08mm /400g 220N @ 20mm from the flange 60N B 500VDC for one minute 100MΩ min., 500VDC Performance Data Model  型号 Number of poles  极数 Number of phase  相数 Rated voltage  额定电压 Rated speed  额定转速 Continuous stall torque  持续堵转转矩 Rated torque  额定转矩 Rated power  额定功率 Peak torque  峰值转矩 Peak current  峰值电流 Torque constant  转矩常数 Back E.M.F  反电势 Rotor inertia  转动惯量 Body length  电机长度 Voltage range  电压范围 Speed Range  转速范围 Weight  重量

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